The Top 10 Posts For 2012 (And What I Thought Should Have Been The Top 10 Posts!)

I tell ya, sometimes I write a post and I’m convinced it will “go viral.”

“Ah, yes,” I say to myself, stroking my chin. I hit Publish. “Yeah, this will bring all the mamas to the yard.”

And then nothing. Crickets. Tumbleweeds all through my comments section.

But then another post, one where I’m rambling and not making sense and venting and letting emotion seep through every keystroke, well that one ends up getting retweeted 1,000 times and everyone and their mama has liked it on Facebook. *head scratch*

So I officially give up on trying to predict which ones will resonate with the most people. I’ll just stick to writing.

As I looked over the top 10 posts of the year, the ones I could have sworn would have been on the list….weren’t. But no worries, the ones you liked, I liked too. :)

Here’s the official list:

The Mystery Behind My $50 a Week Grocery Budget

Guest post: I Hate Being A SAHM

Do Your Parents Help You Raise Your Kids

7 Places To Find A Work From Home Job

6 Things I Want You To Know About Young Moms

Love Letter to My 2-Year-Old

10 Things Grown Women Shouldn’t Do

Work It Out With Your Child’s Father Or Move On To Someone New?

7 Young Mom Blogs You’ll Adore

Who Me?

Now, if you ask me, these should have been among the top 10 – they were my favorites from the past year! 

5 Things A Young Mother Doesn’t Want To Hear (And 3 Things We Do) 

“But Mommy – You Said You Weren’t Going To Yell At Us Anymore” 

My First 5K

Learn From My Mistakes! 5 Things Someone Should Have Told Me About Parenting While Going To School

“Mommy, I Want To Go To College” 

Is Being A Young Single Mom Embarrassing? 

8 People Who Make Being A Young Parent Harder Than It Has To Be

I just want to take this last day of 2012 to say THANK YOU for hanging out here over the past year and sharing your experiences. I expect even more in 2013, our best year yet!



  1. It’s been an awesome year hanging ’round these parts. 2013 is gonna be even better!

  2. Thank you for this outlet.. this community! I’m looking forward to what YML has in store for 2013.

    Happy New Year, Tara!