Hire Me

Tara Pringle Jefferson is an established freelance writer, copywriter and public relations consultant, specializing in social media strategy, nonprofit communications and parenting issues. Basically, she’ll take your words and ideas and make them sparkle. Contact her if you (or your organization) need assistance honing your message.

She offers a wide range of services designed to fit your needs:

Social Media Consulting (Individual and Organization)

Getting You Up and Running package includes:

  • Brainstorming session – What are your social media goals? Who are you targeting? What is your message? She’ll help you get the answer to these questions and more.
  • Initial set-up of social media profiles – Tara will handle naming your profiles, populating it with content, and doing an initial blast to your e-mail list. Get the easy stuff out of the way.
  • Social media implementation within other forms of communication – Do you need “Be social” icons on your website? Integration within your newsletters? Signs around the front door? She can help create a cohesive social media plan.
  • Listening station set-up – What are people saying about you online? How can you monitor and respond? Tara believes you have to know what your reputation is online before you can execute a successful social media campaign.
  • Creation of social media dashboard to monitor social media campaigns – How will you track your success? Tara will help you determine which metrics are most important for you to track.

Blogging Assistance (Individual and Organization)

  • Editorial calendar creation and plug-ins to help you manage your blog effectively
  • Ghostwriting – for when you have tons to say but no time to say it
  • Assistance with multi-author blog set-up

Marketing Assistance

Low budget? Can-barely-call-it-a-budget budget? Luckily, Tara has real world experience working with the smallest of organizations and can work with you to maximize your marketing efforts.

  • Website/brochure writing
  • Newsletter writing
  • E-newsletter set-up

Speaking Engagements

Tara is an accomplished speaker on the topics of early motherhood and social media (particularly for nonprofit organizations). Hire her at your next community event, conference or workshop. She’s been a keynote speaker at the 2010 annual meeting of the National Crittenton Foundation, as well as a participant in its Hill Day, and is a regular presenter on social media. See her speaking engagements here.

Rates are customized based on travel, length of presentation, and advance notice. Whatever your event, she will work with you to reach a price you are both comfortable with.

Presentation Coaching

Let Tara review your presentation before you make that big pitch. Can’t find compelling words or graphics to illustrate your point? Let her guide you to a presentation that sings.


“Tara was the first true social media expert I came across, and she remains one of the most knowledgeable nonprofit social media gurus you’re likely to find. Her writing is clear, concise and very easy to read, and her strategic thinking abilities are just as impressive. Tara is the very definition of a communications pro.”

~Scott Tennant, Vice President of Development and Public Affairs at OneCommunity.