Events & Webinars

Join us for the 2014 Young Mom Summit

Where: Kent State University Student Center

When: March 29, 2014 | 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Who Should Attend: Teen and 20something mothers looking for support, resources and advice from women who have walked in their shoes

What Your Ticket Includes: Workshops, lunch, raffles and giveaways. Each attendee is taking home a “care package,” filled with items to help you on your journey, wherever you may be.

Cost: FREE to attendees. When’s the last time you saw something available that was this awesome and FREE? Sign up and bring a friend!


Self-Publishing Webinar – Self-Publishing Made Simple (Download HERE)

Are you an aspiring writer who longs to have a book published but doesn’t know where to start? Join me in my one-hour “self-publishing made simple course” to get the answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had.

In this webinar you will learn all the things a successful self-publishing author needs to know:

  • What is the best platform for publishing your book and gives you the opportunity to make the most profit?
  • How do you get your book into the hands of paying customers?
  • How do you actually find the time to sit down and write the book?
  • Once the book is published, what do you do next?
  • How do you find affordable book designers and editors to make sure your finished product is an polished as possible?
  • How do you get your book onto the shelves of major retailers?
  • Is it better for self-publishing authors to write ebooks or physical books? Which one has the potential for more success?

Blogging Webinar - Using Your Blog To Support Your Family (Download HERE)

 A 1-hour blogging intensive on the nuts and bolts of getting your blog to the next level—earning money and influence! 

What people are saying: 

You really broke down the how-to’s thoroughly and made starting a blog seem less overwhelming. I purchased my domain 5 months ago, and got stuck. Your webinar is exactly what I needed to get things moving!

Subjects covered: 

1) 10 Must-Haves For A Money-Making Blog

2) 7 Tricks For Creating Compelling Content Fast (That Keeps People Coming Back!)

3) Determining Your Worth – How Much To Charge For Ads, Events And Consulting

4) “You Made How Much From Blogging?” 8 Ways To Earn An Income From Your Blog

This webinar is perfect for you if:  

  • You already have a blog but you’re stuck on where you want it to go.
  • You blog for fun but want to transition to a blog that helps pay a few bills.
  • You’re a budding professional who wants to use their blog as a springboard to becoming an authority in your field.

Download the recording HERE and get access to me as your “Fairy Blogmother”!