Hi, I’m Tara, the founder and editor of TheYoungMommyLife.com.

Created in 2008, The Young Mommy Life has been featured on Sirius XM, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Essence, Ebony, WhatToExpect.com, and BlackAmericaWeb.com for its realistic portrayal of young motherhood and all it entails. With readers logging on from South Africa to London to Brazil, The Young Mommy Life is a global community for empowering young mothers to live their fullest lives.

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The Mission of TheYoungMommyLife.com:

This website is designed to help young mothers everywhere make informed decisions about:

  • Their relationships. Who you’re with says a lot about what your life is like. YML is designed to help young mothers make the most of their relationships and give them the strength to see that they deserve the very best that their partner can offer.
  • Their education. Since many of these mothers are still in school, part of YML’s mission is to connect them with resources to make sure they are able to get into the school of their choice, pay for it, and assemble the support system they need to make it to graduation.
  • Their careers. In today’s society, it is easier than ever to create your own business, or to develop a few side hustles to bring in additional income. YML is dedicated to providing a platform for young mothers who are on the entrepreneurial path. The site will also provide resources to other young mothers who are interested in beginning that journey as well.
  • Their parenting style. Young mothers can at times feel like they were “kidnapped into motherhood” and so there wasn’t much thought about what kind of mother they would be. It was more like, “Ready or not, here they come.” YML is the place where we can explore what motherhood looks like in our eyes and challenge ourselves to do better for our children’s sake.