This is a sponsored post by Fiber One and these opinions are 100% my own.

Last year I published a piece on giving up my Netflix membership so I could sign up for a gym membership. The goal was to get active and do something about the bad habits I had settled into.

I know that, as a sneeze away from 30, I’ve got to treat my body better. I can’t sit around all weekend and eat delicious Chinese food and juicy steaks and thick, hearty bowls of pasta and not do a lick of exercise. Eventually, that catches up to you.

So I’ve made a few more changes. One of those is getting rid of the scale (hallelujah!) and focusing more on how my body feels rather than how it looks.

Part of that is thinking about the food I put in my body and how it makes me feel. Cupcakes and brownies sure do taste good, but they often make me feel sluggish, tired and bloated.

In an effort to slowly wean myself off the “not so good for you” treats, I tried some new Fiber One bars to see if they would satisfy my sweet tooth while still giving me some nutrition.

I picked up different varieties, because you know, a girl has to have her options. From chewy bars like Oats & Chocolate and Oats & Peanut Butter to their 90-calorie bars like Lemon and Chocolate Fudge Brownie, I was in sweet snack heaven – and nothing to feel guilty about!

mommy life 1

The chewy bars have 9 grams of fiber per serving (35% daily value of fiber) and the 90-calorie bars have 5 grams of fiber per serving (20% daily value of fiber). It may seem too good to be true, but these bars are delicious, filling and oh so helpful to your body.

mommy bunch pic 3

Plus when you’re on the go, it is so easy to throw these in your gym bag or purse, confirming to you that you’ve got a delicious and good-for-you snack prepared for when your tummy grumbles.

mommy life 3

The Chocolate Fudge Brownie just might have been my favorite, and is quickly becoming a go-to during those times of the month when I need to have some chocolate. Each brownie square has 90 calories along with a rich taste and fudgy texture. The portion size is perfect (says the queen of overdosing on dessert).

Lemon is one of my favorite flavors so I had to scoop up the lemon bar variety. Again, it didn’t disappoint and I was happy with the light, citrusy flavor.

These bars are a godsend to a woman like me, who needs help with portion control and doesn’t do so well with the “no dessert” lifestyle. I enjoy indulging my sweet tooth while still maintaining an active lifestyle. This is me having my cake and eating it too!

How do you “treat yourself” while still working on your health goals?