What’s Your Superpower (And Yes, You Have One)?

What's Your Superpower?

For a long time, I used to feel self-conscious about how sensitive I am.

I cry at the drop of a hat over good and bad news (I bawled when my husband told me his co-worker proposed to his girlfriend). When someone I know has a bad day, I will spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how I can make it better. Violent movies and TV shows make me physically sick and unable to sleep. (I still don’t think I’m over Mufasa’s death in The Lion King.)

My son jokingly calls me a “leaky water bag” (which he coined after I broke down in the theater while watching Big Hero 6 with them), but now I accept the label with pride. I understand that it’s my superpower.

You see, I’m an empath. I’m a highly sensitive, finely tuned emotional thermometer and thermostat. It’s very easy for me to be affected by someone else’s mood and I can alter the energy in a room quite easily. I’m one of those “love hard” people, but I feel everything very deeply.

I used to wonder, Why was I made like this? Why do I care so much? Why can’t I be like normal people and just move through my day without hitting all these highs and lows? 

But now I know that “caring so much” is my superpower. I can’t fly, I can’t turn invisible and my muscles don’t do much other than open jars of salsa. But I can “care” you under the table, without even thinking about it.

My superpower allows me to do what I’m doing now. If I say so myself, I am great at creating community where none previously existed and drawing the best out of other people. That is now my full-time job.

Understanding the ways in which I am exceptional helps me remember that yes, I am exceptional.

And so are you.

Dig deep: What is your superpower? What gives you an edge over other people? What is that one thing that is so YOU, that you can use to excel more quickly?

Is it:

  • Your ability to come up with solutions to problems other people are stuck on?
  • Your tendency to give good advice, no matter the situation?
  • Your knack for soothing and calming people when they’re in a bit of a downward spiral?
  • Your ability to see the bigger picture and not lose sight of the small details?

Once you figure out what your superpower is, tap into it. Learn how to harness it and concentrate its power. Superheroes aren’t just in comic books. You and me? Yeah, we count too.


  1. I like this post…alot.

    I think my superpower is encouragement and I’m currently working on ways to harness this superpower professionally.

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