#SmashYourGoals – 5 Steps To Successful Goal Setting (Part 2 – Visualization)

smash your goals series

You’re reading my five-part goal setting series to help you #SmashYourGoals. Read the other four tips here.

1) Determine what YOU want

2) Visualization

The simplest method of visualization is to just write.it.down. Grab your Smash Your Goals worksheet and a pencil and get to work. You can also do a vision board or some other method that makes your goals clear and plain to you.

Researchers have found that you are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down. There’s something about making that small commitment that leads to bigger commitments.

Here’s two reasons I recommend you get your goals out of your head and onto paper:

1) It serves as a reminder. I currently have my July goals hanging up on a clipboard next to my desk. If I turn to the left at any point during the day, boom, there it is. I can’t “forget” that oh, yeah, I was supposed to write three posts for this blog this week.

2) It keeps you accountable to you. One day I realized that I was not afraid of myself. I had no fear of disappointing myself. Say your boss came up to you on July 1st and said, “I need you to read three books this month.” Even if you forgot to do it all month, come July 28 or 29 you’d be nose-deep in a book, trying to hit the deadline. Even if the goal wasn’t important to you, you’d do it because you need your boss to see that you are reliable. But how often do we not hold ourselves to the same standard? Because we’re the ones making the goals, we’re also the ones who can lax our standards and that leaves us going nowhere. We have to learn to be accountable to ourselves before we can see any type of success.

Next up: Take a bite outta your goals.



  1. Your second point is my BIGGEST down-fall as my own boss. I’m constantly changing my deadlines and expectations for my own projects and that needs to stop.

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