Are You Ready To #SmashYourGoals With Me?

At the end of 2014, I was worn out. I was depressed, I was overwhelmed with anxiety and I spent most of December in bed.

As I prepared for the clock to strike midnight and usher in 2015, I decided that THIS YEAR would be different. No more waiting and wishing and hoping the things I didn’t like about my life would magically change.

Nope, this would be the year that I put in the work, got serious about my goals and worked at creating the life I knew I deserved. (Meaning: greater cashflow, more quality time with the family, more freedom and flexibility in my professional life and more opportunities to travel and grow in my hobbies.)

And wouldn’t you know it? I could not be happier with my progress. I’m smashing my income goals (look for details on that soon—I want to help you get financially free too!), I’ve taken three family vacations so far this year and I feel re-energized about my career.

How did I make all this “magic” happen?

Simple. I take a few minutes at the beginning of every month and I answer a few questions:

  • What do I want this month to look like? To feel like?
  • What do I need to improve?
  • What do I want to accomplish this month? How am I going to do that?

And every month that I do this exercise, it never fails that I end the month on a high from completing everything I set out to do.I usually write this on a page in my notebook, but I pulled together a quick + easy worksheet for you to use and #SmashYourGoals with me.

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  1. Here’s to smashing more of my goals before the year is out. Thanks for sharing the worksheet!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I am really trying to tighten up my goals for the month and reworking my yearly goals. I have been doing good with them.

  3. Could you be even more of an inspiration? Keep up the fabulous work, mama!! I am right there with you.

  4. So excited about this! Just signed up :)

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