{In The Kitchen} What’s For Dinner December 31-January 6

Source: Taste of Home

I have to say, this winter break has been wonderful. My husband has been home the past week and a half, I’ve been catching up on much needed sleep, and I’ve been enjoying not having to venture out in the freezing cold to take my kids to school. We’ve been cuddling up inside, with hot chocolate and lots of baked goods — our life really resembles some type of fairy tale life, that I wish we could achieve all the time.

So I’m soaking up the last part of our break, since everything goes back to “normal” on January 7. In the meantime, I’m trying to make the most of our staycation and that includes cooking good food and not just tossing some sliced turkey at the kids like I normally do. 

Here’s my menu for this week – please leave your menu plan in the comments!


Leftovers from Sunday night’s dinner


Roasted pork, black-eyed peas, green beans and potatoes (my husband cooked!)


Neely’s Sweet and Spicy Wings with spinach salad


BBQ Chili Mac


Seafood stuffed shells (pictured above)


Chicken piccata with mashed potatoes and broccoli


Spaghetti zucchini pie



  1. Yum! I have wanted to try making my own spinach salad. Haven’t quite been able to commit yet. This week’s menu for me is still up in the air (I have one little one at home – a girl, 3 years old). Actually, cooking more is one of my “new year’s resolutions.” Surprisingly, I’ve found that the Disney Junior channel has great vegetable (mostly) recipe suggestions in a reoccurring short they call “That’s Fresh” withj Helen Cavallo. You can catch it if you (and your child, I guess) are up way too late watching Disney Junior. That’s Fresh runs during “Night Light” their after hours time block (9pm).

  2. Those shells look sooooo good, please send some to Indy!

  3. We started on Wednesday, since the days before in this week were all holiday food still.

    Wednesday – Homemade nachos
    Thursday – Chicken fingers with corn and side salads
    Friday – Spaghetti with meat sauce
    Saturday – baked chicken
    Sunday – Beef Shortribs