VIDEO: Young Mom Summit – Tips To Make The Most Out Of Being A Stay-At-Home Mom

My first Young Mom Summit was something I just came up with during those moments when my brain gets quiet and I can hear myself think. “Hey, it would be a great idea to bring moms together, on video, to talk about issues that are important to them, right?”

So I gathered up a few of my favorite young mom friends for a video interview on making it through school once you have a kid (catch it here). It was fantastic and I’m so grateful to the women involved for sharing their stories!

I decided to switch gears for the next one and talk about the stay-at-home mom life. I lived it for a couple years and nobody tells you how hard it can be.

I met Shannon through a Twitter link (she’s at @SAHMConsulting) and instantly we clicked! She’s all about helping stay-at-home moms be home at home and she knows what she’s talking about. She’s a mom of four and has been at home since her oldest was born. She’s been there. She KNOWS.

She also has a new book, “Becoming A Happy Stay-At-Home Mom,” which takes her blog and puts in an easy-to-read bite-sized nugget for you to enjoy on your own time. (I read it and loved it!)

Check out our conversation on being a HAPPY SAHM and share your thoughts in the comments.