The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Having Two Kids Under Two

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Sept. 18, 2011

With Jessica Simpson allegedly pregnant again, giving her a soon-to-be two kids under two, and a couple of my friends recently receiving positive pregnancy test results while they still have infants in the home, I figured what better time to share what I know as a veteran (ha!) mom of kids less than two years apart. Here’s the good, bad and the ugly of being a parent to two kids still in diapers. Buckle up.

The Good:
While it may come as a shock to you to be pregnant again, the familiarity of it all is comforting. It may feel like you just had a baby and you’re slowly finding your way to “normal” but then you get thrust back to the starting line again. And that’s scary. However, imagine taking the same college class two semesters in a row. You’d be ahead of the game with knowing what to expect and you’d be more comfortable than the people who had never taken that class before.

Bottom Line: It’s not as scary as you think. Remember, you’re a pro!

The Bad:

Babies are expensive. And having two babies in a relatively short period of time is hard on the budget (All the parents of multiples are snickering at us right now.). You can sort through what you currently have, but don’t be surprised if you still find yourself needing a lot of items. If you didn’t cloth diaper, you’ll be starting from scratch with diapers and depending on the age of your oldest, you might need to buy a new crib and car seat. If you were like me and the genders don’t match, don’t fret. I managed to pull a decent sized wardrobe out of my daughter’s all-pink all-the-time wardrobe to pass down to her little brother. It’s also hard because no one really wants to throw you a baby shower if you just had one less than a year ago.

Bottom Line: No eating out for a little while, but you’ll find your financial groove. Sites like can help you figure out the logistics of car seats, strollers and sleeping arrangements.

Head over to to read the “ugly” – chances are, you already know what it is. 

How many of you are/were parents to two kids under two? What would be your best tip for managing two kids close in age?


  1. Melissa H-K says:

    My younger daughter has a son who is almost 3 1/2, a daughter who is almost 2, and newborn twin daughters. Yes, she’s busy! Yes, she’s exhausted! But fortunately her husband is very, very involved. Also, her older sister is temporarily living with the family and acting as a mother’s helper. I am in awe of both of them!

  2. What according to you all should be the ideal gap between two babies for easy parenting.

    • Melissa H-K says:

      There is no such thing as “easy parenting.” :-) I liked a gap of two to three years, for various reasons including long-term planning—it can be way easier having two kids who are close in age, because they can keep each other amused. If you get a gap beyond, say, three years, chances are good that the kids won’t play together, and then you’d have a lot more work to do.

      Just my opinion, though. I’m sure others disagree.

    • I had mine less than 2 years apart and while the first year or so was crazy, it got so much easier once baby #2 could walk. I think now that if I had been of the right mind to plan it out, I think two years is awesome.

  3. Yes, parenting is never easy..I have a 1.5 years old naughty I know that well..
    Thanks for the reply :)

    • Melissa H-K says:

      Oh, yeah. I know just what you mean about naughty babies!

      The thing about baby-spacing is that if you’re going to do it consciously, you need at least nine months of lead time. Just saying. :-)

  4. Yes, Tara & Melissa, I guess I should plan my baby #2 when my first one be 2 yrs. Me and my sister are just 2 years apart and we always got someone to play with unlike my son who also get bored coz after all how much me and hubby can play with him.

  5. Hello guys I’m 30 have a 7 yrs and want to have my #2 but I’m afraid, my biggest problem is financial but I waited 7 long yrs and I’m still broke :-) so I’m wondering how long will i have to wait to be in a perfect financial situation to complete my family. Someone reply pls. Thank u btw love the site

    • Melissa H-K says:

      Baby #2 doesn’t have anywhere near as much start-up cost as Baby #1. Yes, you do have to get a brand-new carseat. But you still have the crib, right? And the baby clothes? If not, there are some terrific stores out there offering gently-used stuff that really looks new and the prices are much, much lower. Plus, you know, yard sales, thrift stores, etc.

      My daughter and son-in-law just had baby #3, and surprise! It was babIES #3 and #4! Fortunately, the first two are out of diapers—they’re almost 3 1/2 and almost 2. Anyway, she was telling somebody recently that she has probably saved thousands of dollars by using cloth diapers. I’ve run the numbers, and she’s right. But! She has a washer & dryer right in the townhouse. If you don’t, it’s really hard. If you do, the start-up costs can be pretty high, but you don’t have to get everything all at once. Plus eBay has a ton of used cloth diapers . . . now, wait a minute, don’t say ewwwwww and run away. They’re clean, and you can always wash them anyway. Plus they literally last for years. Check this out: (It isn’t run by anybody I know.)

      Anyway, my point is that if you wait for the perfect financial time, you may wait forever. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and jump in. Good luck!

      • Thank you much for the reply and info! I know there is no perfect time for having babies. I used cloth diapers with my son but only at home, so I have experience lol I have a washer at home too :-) I’m giving myself until july so I have a few months to get organize will check out the links you sent me thank you xoxo