Is It Time For MTV To Cancel “Teen Mom” And “16 & Pregnant”?

I think so.

At first, I was curious to see what MTV would do with a special about teen moms. Would the cast be diverse? Would they be shown dealing with the hardships of teen parenting but also be guided in their journey to become better mothers?

Eh, not really. We don’t have to rehash everything that’s gone down over the past few seasons but let’s just say it hasn’t been mostly positive, which is what I wanted to see. You already know that about me.

I read yesterday that MTV is cuing up Teen Mom 3. And it just made me sad. Because you know I root for every young mother but it seems like MTV doesn’t. Granted, they might be making more money on the show than they would be otherwise, but at what cost?

The headlines have been largely negative and people use the show as a cautionary tale versus actually caring that these mothers aren’t playing characters. They are living their lives.

It’s one thing to have a reality show where all the participants are of age and they are already in the midst of their grown-up, adult lives, but these girls are in their teens, saddled with a ton of new responsibility and fragile relationships and now there are cameras in their face? I mentally checked out of watching Teen Mom after Amber began hitting Gary on camera and the producers just decided that hey, that’s okay.

Maybe I’m overreacting. Check out the trailer for season 4 of 16 & Pregnant and tell me what you think.


  1. I never watched the show, but I personally cannot see any good out of it. If marriages fail just by having cameras on the couples, I can just imagine these young mothers. Not only that, but people will remember them later on when they try looking for a real job.

  2. I think teen mom has it pros and cons. I guess i didn’t expect the show to be positive all the time, because honestly life isn’t always positive. It is a struggle to survive. I hope some girl watch 16 and pregnant and teen mom and realized this young women struggle like adults. That these young women have plans and goals and that life didn’t work out as such. I know as an adult i had goals and dreams with my partner about raising our son, and sadly he hasn’t quite fully step up to the plate. Maybe these shows sugar coat a few things. But like when farrah got scam out of her money.. real life. (i haven’t seen teen mom 2) when Amber is being possible charged with domestic violent.. that is real life. As long as they bring the realness of life to these young girls and make them realize (with parents help of course) to be smart about sex. then I am all for it. To often we expect to much of a show thinking it will be the next great thing. What we should expect and hope is that one lil girl is watching the show and realizes, she doesn’t want to end up in the same position as some of these young ladies. The BS about is glamorousize teen pregnancy is a joke. for the people who want to look at the negative, it is because it is all they want to see.We as adult learn and grow into being mothers as our kids grow, these young ladies are no different. I vote no

  3. I do think that MTV should care more about these young women/girls are going through but I do like the fact that they are showing the situation in a precautionary tale format. Everything about teen pregnancy is not great and all sexually active teens and teens period should know that and see that.I think if Teen Mom was on when i was 16, I think my ideas about having sex that young may have been different.

  4. I personally think for MTV it’s about nothing but the money now. If it was about anything but MTV would interfere when things get bad, such as Jenelle and Keifer hitting each other and Amber beating Gary. Something should be done about these things immediately, not months down the road when the show is aired and the police have finally been called.

    Anyways, I used to enjoy watching these young mothers and their struggles and how they overcome them, but it becoming nothing but a drama.

    I had my first child when I was 16, had my step daughter when I was 17, and gave birth to my third child at 19. I was really hoping this show would help me connect with other young moms, have something in common with people after being completely alienated in high school, but it feels just the complete opposite. I feel like us young moms are judged even more based on the Teen Mom MTV series. People look down their noses at me because of the actions of all of those telivised ladies. It’s disgusting.

    I have three beautiful children with a man I love and have never cheated on. We are married and love faithfully. We are kind, devoted, great parents. I just wish people would realize that just because there are a handful of terrible teen Mom’s who cheat and put their children last on their list does not mean we are all the same, or alike in any way, shape, or form!

  5. DeShieka says:

    I do agree MTV needs to realized some of these girls need extra help. But I also feel these girl she learn when enough is enough and walk away. I guess i see it as along learning process. not for just being a young mother, but also as growing into young adults. If they don’t they should include counseling for this young mothers and fathers. Because honestly the young fathers are just as much on the shows as the girls. I think maybe the idea of Life Coaches is not such a bad idea either. Especially Janelle from Teen Mom 2, I am sorry but her mom is just as bad. They both need some need some counseling.

  6. Yes.

    It seems like a large base of who watches it are girls who already mothers, so it doesn’t necessarily work as a ‘cautionary tale’ anyway, since most girls who watch it already have kids. Even for those who don’t, it’s mostly pure entertainment and doesn’t necessarily change their behaviors towards sex to make it safer and less likely they’ll become young mothers.

    Like most reality shows, it rewards bad behaviors because those are the behaviors that garner the most viewers and thus the most money for the network (and also the star doing said behaviors). In America’s Next Top Model, it’s usually the bitchiest underdog who lasts the longest because Tyra loves those. The nice girls are ‘boring’ and get booted quickly for being ‘bland’ and ‘personality-less’. In all the Survivor series, it’s often the most back-stabbing and self-absorbed who wins. Same goes here. The most awful parents with the most ‘drama’ last which is why Amber is basically the largest star from any of the young mother shows and the couple girls who are in school or genuinely doing ok are hardly given any face time or fame at all.

    I hate to say it, but there’s a good chance Amber wouldn’t be having all these problems if she wasn’t on the show making ever-more money for it. And the money doesn’t even seem to have helped many of them anyway. Didn’t one spend much of it on breast implants? Amber’s probably blown much of hers on legal fees for all her legal problems. So really, what’s the benefit to the girls and their family? How many used their salaries to pay for school? To move out of their parents’ house and buy their own? Etc. Doesn’t seem like many.

  7. I agree MTV needs to cancel 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom. It has turned into a train wreck and it seems as if the show has made their real life problems even worse. It is hard for me to watch.

  8. I agree, I think there’s a big difference between Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant. My biggest problem is with Teen Mom, they have these young girls, which are probabably not allowed to use their MTV income during shoooting just to add to the straints in their lives. The girls are obviously aware of what MTV wants, which is drama, and I have yet to see a story of great achievment for the girls. 16 and pregnant is at least a show where one mum has the spotlight for one episode only, and it’s informative and touching. However, I’ve heard some of the girls did it intentionally, get pregnant I mean to be on the show. Teen Mom needs to stop, it is not healthy to have a camera around you when you’re going through a divorce at 19, losing a custody battle to your mum or being a drug addict.