Don’t Be Scared To Show The Real You


Last week was a difficult week on many levels. Personal challenges were coming at me left and right and at one point, I burst into tears in public, sobbing quietly on my way to the car.

I went home to do what I always do — get in the bed and cry privately, hoping somehow that the tears would be cleansing enough for me to be functional by the time my kids got home from school.

But something was different that day. Instead of holding it in, I called a friend and asked her to sit with me as I sorted through my emotions. “Of course,” she said, her voice calming and reassuring. “Tell me what’s going on.”

And we talked. And talked. And talked.

It was so soothing to my soul and by the time we hung up, I was on my way to feeling better.

That was new to me, as I am usually the person on the other end of the phone, reassuring everyone else, giving advice and encouragement to those who are struggling.

But as I am now staring 30 in the face, I am realizing that I do not have to wear “the mask.” I can let my guard down and show who I really am — a woman with a full life and a full range of emotions who sometimes needs support to make it through the rough times. It’s quite simple.

So I ask you: Who’s in your corner? Who cares about your well-being? Who supports you when you need to borrow some of their strength?

We weren’t built to move through life alone. If you don’t have any sister friends who can hold your hand through your darkest moments, get some. It can make all the difference in your life.


  1. I really do appreciate your transparency. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Hiding behind the mask gets so overwhelming and so tiring. Definitely important to find someone you trust enough to let your guard down with .

  3. TARA!!!!! This spoke to volumes to me!!! It’s so hard for me to reach out and ask for the help or support that I know I need and deserve. Although I didn’t call a friend and let it all out, I did post my need for a hug and friends came out of the wood works showing me their support. I seek out a co-worker who I knew would hug me, understand and even pray for me. As women we really struggle trying to be all things to all people and the truth is it’s EXHAUSTING!!! I’m glad you had someone to talk to. Thanks for sharing this.

    • @Deveter – That’s just it — it’s exhausting!! So now only do you carry whatever struggle you’re currently going through, but then you are also carrying around the pain of not having anyone to reach out to. So it’s draining in a different way as well.

  4. Remove the cover and quit living misleads please others. Misleading others is, as a general rule, deceiving yourself

  5. It’s real, Don’t be afraid to show real to u.Because it is proving you a genuine.

  6. Truly inspiring.Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Your post is really inspirable. I read all the post which are related to health and food. keep sharing with us.

  8. Your post is really inspiring. I agree with your point. Because Tranparency increases your internal beauty as well as external beauty also. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.

  9. Free yourself from the need to receive approval from others.

  10. Live your life on your rules. There is no need to scare with another people, it’s your life,your journey so just enjoy it.

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  16. it takes guts to share this and you did it hence it shows that you have what it takes.
    thank you for sharing this experience.

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