Must-Watch: Tracee Ellis Ross On Defining Beauty And Sexuality For Ourselves

I’m quickly becoming a Tracee Ellis Ross stan.

As I look to focus more on me (figuring out my personal style, finding a hobby, etc.), I have been following Ms. Ross’ Instagram and have gotten so inspired by the way she presents herself to the world. She is stylish and goofy and well-read and, well, pretty! Her shoe game is ridiculous (have you seen these? OMG, I want them) and she is not afraid to just be herself, no matter who she is around. It’s refreshing.

About a week ago, she appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss her new show, Blackish. During the interview, one of the hosts tried to show Tracee a video of women who were missing their edges (here it is) and instead of laughing like many celebrities would do, she educated them about what women go through in the process of trying to be desirable in this society:

We have told women that there is a standard of beauty that makes them think that they have to do things to themselves that they aren’t naturally to look like something they’re not, as if who they are is not beautiful. So women have been manipulating their hair, their asses, their breasts, their lips, and all of this for some standard of beauty that is not natural, and as if we’re these airbrushed creatures that are just an object for desire and that is not what women are. Women are way fuller creatures and beings than that, our sexuality is something that we should own and hold and share as we choose, when we choose, not because it’s the way to get love and be loved…and that is a part of that.”

Ooooh, preach, Tracee!!! Here is the video, because I do think you need to actually hear the words to get the full impact:


  1. I sooo love her! Her youtube videos are hilarious. It’s refreshing to see a woman be so comfortable in her own skin. And are you familiar with her sister, Chudney? OK, talk about being a stan! I love Chudney so much. I bought her book for my daughter and she loved it. Not only is she an author but she owns a book store in LA. I want to go to California just so I can visit it.