First Day Of School For My Kids And I Can’t Even Deal

Sweet baby Jesus. I can’t take this.

As a work-at-home mom, I’ve been counting down the days until both of my kids are in school every day. I love them with all of my heart, but it was very, very hard to get any work done while they were home with me, leaving me hunched over my keyboard at midnight with frightening regularity. I was getting tired.

But now? Now that my baby is actually starting kindergarten? Now that my daughter is, in fact, going to SECOND GRADE? I’m all in my feelings. I’m mush. I hadn’t realized how much my children were a part of me and how different my house is going to feel now that they are gone.

You mean I’ll be able to walk around the house without tripping over small children?

You mean I’ll be able to send an email without having to stop halfway through to get a cup of juice?

You mean I’ll be able to have a business call without locking myself in my car in the garage or without sitting in the shower?

You mean I’ll be able to get up and go to Chipotle, or the grocery store, or the post office, or the bank in the middle of the day and I won’t have to wait for two other people to get ready first?

On the surface, I should be happy. But instead, my heart feels like this:

lemon gif 4

jennifer lawrence gif

matter of time gif

I just can’t deal with anything today. I’m just going to lie on the couch and let my heart be still. Look at my babies. *sigh*

If y’all need me, I’ll be under the blankets.



  1. Yes, I was here last week. LOL. Still a little bit here…

  2. its ok to feel this way; and I know you will be fine.


  3. Awww… look at how cute they are all ready for their first day of school!! We’re still waiting to see if Moo is going to test out of pre-k or not. I’m torn because I want her to go because she needs to be around kids her age, but JJ and I are going to be lonely without her to talk our heads off.

  4. Aww! But they are cute and look like they are excited!