My Meal Plan: January 21- 27


I took my daughter to the allergist last week and as I hoped, the allergist agreed with me that yes, there seems to be some food intolerance going on with her. She has really bad excema, to the point where moisturizing her three times a day does not seem to help. She also complains of stomach pains after dinner most nights or has to go to the bathroom shortly thereafter. I feel horrible that it’s taken me so long to realize, “Oh, maybe she’s allergic to something she’s eating.” But I guess the important thing is to not dwell on mistakes but to be thankful that we are closer to answers. Her tests should be back in about a week, so until we know for sure what she’s allergic to, I’m going to try to cook more foods that the allergist said usually aren’t a problem.

I have a feeling that after this week, our meal plans will look a little different as I try to avoid the foods she can’t eat. Pray for us! :)


Orange chicken and broccoli with quinoa


Baked spaghetti (gluten-free noodles for The Girl)




Pesto chicken with green beans


Stuffed shells with salad


BBQ chicken sandwiches with fries


Beef stew with dumplings (no dumplings for The Girl)

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  1. I had the same problem with my lil lady fall of 2011 after some time taking various test. We discovered she was la ctose intolerant. Once we knew that it was a somewhat easy fix. But not any easy adjustment for a 10yrlong old to make as she had to have her own special foods for lunch with her class mates. I pray your lil lady has an easy adjustment to the new changes espically if it is dairy related. Good luck.

  2. Have you tried making your own concoction to deal with her eczema? I don’t personally have any experience with eczema but I have heard that organic shea butter & organic cocoa butter mixed together is awesome for it. Hope you get some answers about her allergies!

    Whatever that is pictured above looks yummy. Man I need to start doing these weekly meal plans lol.

    • @MissSP – Yeah, that’s what I started using (a raw shea butter/cocoa butter/olive oil mix) when the store brand moisturizers started burning when I put it on her. So I’m hoping once we get the answers about her allergies that the cocoa butter mix will start working again!!! :)

      • I just recently made a batch with shea/cocoa/almond oil and I have sooo much of the ingredients left over I’ve been trying to find other uses for them… I could definitely make you guys a little batch if you’d like! Let me know.

        • Aw, thanks! I usually don’t put any almond/nut products on her (I’m allergic) but the shea/cocoa sounds good! You rock!