{Self-Care Challenge} Day #6 – Write 100 Things You’re Grateful For

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So. I talk about gratitude a lot. We just had a #SurvivalGuide chat about it a few weeks ago. I shared with you my gratitude project of 2011. And I’m back at it again. Because I know it’s hard to be super positive and happy all the time, especially when you’re having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Day #6 challenge – Write 100 Things You’re Grateful For

Now I know 100 things is a lot. But trust me, after you write this list, you’ll sit back and think, “Hmm…I’ve got a lot going for me in my life. This ain’t too bad.” I took 10 minutes and came up with 25 things. Over the next couple days I’ll add to the list whenever something strikes me.

1. This mild winter weather we’re having.

2. A reliable car.

3. Two healthy kids.

4. Happy husband.

5. Full fridge.

6. Working heat.

7. Having two kids who love school.

8. Netflix.

9. Good friends.

10. Good health.

11. MY house.

12. The fact that I’m only nine credits away from my Master’s degree.

13. A spacious kitchen.

14. Two sisters who are doing their own thing.

15. Two loving parents.

16. My iPhone.

17. A wonderful, supportive  community of moms here at YML.

18. Open doors to new opportunities.

19. Gmail (makes life so much easier)

20. Teachers at my daughter’s school who really know how to make learning fun.

21. Parents who love watching their grandchildren as a way to make my life easier.

22. A handful of work-at-home mom friends who know how life can be when you’re building your career and raising your kids all in the same space.

23. 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation on Thursdays.

24. A growing sense of spirituality and direction in my life.

25. My home office.

Go ahead and list a few things you’re grateful for in the comments. We want to hear ’em! :) 


  1. Tara, I have come by this post a few times today and I think I might do this. I am sure I have at least 100 things that I am grateful for! I know one thing is I am so grateful to have my dream job.. being a mother and a wife.


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