7 Young Moms To Follow On Twitter

I find myself on Twitter quite a bit but in truth, it can get a little noisy. Like, too many people in the same room, having different conversations about different topics. I feel like I never “know” anyone on there and it’s hard for me to just jump in on a conversation already in progress.

But when it comes to the seven ladies below, their tweets are always a breath of fresh air. They’re just an all-around great bunch of ladies to know. They have smart tweets, they make me laugh, and they are kind as pie to me, a woman they’ve never met face-to-face. So who are they? Keep reading and you’ll find out why I adore them so:

@YumYucky – How much do I love Josie from YumYucky.com? Let me count the ways. She is funny and she doesn’t hold her tongue in telling you, “Yes, we all need to be active.” BUT – she also acknowledges that being fit and staying fit is hard friggin’ work. She understands, unlike most fitness blogs, that being greedy is a huge obstacle to overcome. Shoot, she likes cake and ice cream just like I do and I love her for keeping it all the real.

@SheenaTatum – Sheena is one of the first young moms I met online, I do believe. She has been supporting her family for a while through her blogging and I knew I wanted a piece of that, so I kept my eye on her. (In the most non-stalker way possible!). Sheena, whether she knows it or not, has taught me a lot about blogging and motherhood and keeping your head above water. I’m very, very glad I know her.

@JasmineRJohnson – I think Jasmine left a comment here a couple months ago and I followed her back to her blog, Mrs.MommyMD. Yes, this young mom is in med school. Girl, what? Go ahead and do the damn thing! **virtual high fives all around** I love reading her blog because she is showing people that ANYTHING can be accomplished. Anything.

@NatashaVianna – She’s funny and she tweets about food a lot – my kind of gal. She’s also a blogger for the Pushback, which is how I met her (I think – I can never remember). She is passionate about her daughter and making her mark on the world. I heart Natasha!

@YUMMommies – This is my girl right here. She just had her second kid, a gorgeous little boy a little over a week ago, but she is transitioning to a mommy of two like a champ! I am seriously in awe because I know it took a good six months for me to find a new rhythm with two kids under 2. She’s just an all-around nice person and she is crazy supportive. Follow her and I bet you’ll find your days are a little brighter. (She also has a really cute line of YUMMommy apparel. Check it out!)

@GradMommy – If you want honesty, please follow Latoya on Twitter, on her blog, wherever. I only found her blog recently (from a comment she left on MyBrownBaby – also a great place for honest conversation) but I am in love. She talks about being a grad student, having two babies, depression and mental illness – everything in one blog. I keep coming back for more.

@YoungFabMama – Of course, this is my girl Alex from MommyGlow.com. She keeps it real about her single mom struggles, but it never gets her down long. She’s thoughtful and kind and – oh! – mom to one of the happiest little girls I have ever seen. Really. She’s stepping up her game and doing more speaking engagements for teen parents (she’s also a blogger for the Pushback like me), sharing her story and letting teens know that, no, it isn’t easy but you have to keep pressing forward to realize your dreams. I’m in awe of her, honestly.

And of course, you can always follow me at @TheYoungMommy (wink).

Any other moms out there that you love following? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Feel honored to be mentioned in this post with 6 other fabulous ladies! Thank you. Of course, you know I enjoy following you as well as @MommyDelicious and @TheYeyoDiaries.

  2. She called me “young”! haha. Thank you sooo much. I enjoyed reading about all the moms you’ve featured here. I will Twitter follow and visit their blogs.

  3. Yes!! More wonderful mamas to add to my list! Thanks for sharing this, Tara!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I’m already following three of the seven and couldn’t agree with you more about these ladies! And thanks for the shout-out in your comment, Yummama!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Tara. I already read a few of these ladies’ blogs (and follow a couple of them on Twitter), but now I’m following them all. I joined Twitter a couple of years ago when the only people that were tweeting were celebrities. I did it for probably a year before giving up because no one I knew was using it. I finally realized I was reading about the lives of celebrities, not every day people. Now that Twitter is the place to be, I’m finding it hard to get back into it. Working on it, though! I’m sure these ladies and their wit, realness, tips, and experiences will help, too. :)

  6. Great list Jasmine is my new she-ro!! My top 3 would be Jasmine, @MommyDelicious, @GlossyMimi


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