Monster High Dolls Make Christmas Come Alive


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It’s the funniest thing. My kids will sit with their eyes glued on YouTube for hours if I let them, watching others (usually adults!) open up and play with popular toys and video games. When I asked around, all my friends with kids said the same thing — they are obsessed with them!

I don’t know what makes it so entertaining to watch others unbox and show off their new toys, but kids of this generation will sit in a room full of their own toys and ignore them to watch a 40-minute video of a mom with a squeaky voice (you know the one I’m talking about!) mix Play-Doh together.

It had gotten to the point where I am like, “Cool! Guess it means I don’t have to buy my kids toys anymore. Thanks YouTube!”

But truthfully they do still love toys — they just want toys that are different from the ones they’ve seen on YouTube and that hold their interest long after the packaging is thrown away.

Enter Monster High.

I can’t quite say there is anything else quite like Monster High in my kids’ toy chests. My kids have been playing with the dolls for a few years now (both my daughter and my son) and I’ll admit that I didn’t really understand the premise until recently — I thought I was just buying them cool dolls with different, edgy names. LOL. But as I looked deeper into the Monster High universe, I realized that it has a message I can really get behind.

For those out of the loop, Monster High is about a group of monsters who want to be accepted for who they are. In their world, monsters have to hide so no one finds out their secret, or they put themselves in danger in the human world. There’s Draculaura, daughter of (who else?) Dracula and Frankie Stein, daughter of Frankenstein. There’s also Clawdeen Wolf, whose parents are werewolves and Lagoona Blue, daughter of the Sea Monster.

I thought it was just a regular ol’ toy line, but it turns out it has a great message for young kids — that everyone is welcome at Monster High.

So of course I’m happy to partner with Mattel this holiday season for an exclusive look at some of the hottest toys under the tree. (Have a daughter or niece or little cousin who’s under 10? These toys – will win you huge cool points.)

My daughter loves Monster High because the characters really come to life. Her favorite is a tie between Draculaura and Clawdeen, so she was so excited to get the Welcome to Monster High: Dance the Fright Away Draculaura doll and the Clawdeen doll plus the Lagoona Blue and Frankie Stein dolls, along with the Dance the Fright Away playset.


We also received a copy of the all-new Monster High movie (get the Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD & Digital HD now!), where we learned the origin story of Monster High. It was all about how the characters all came together to create space for the monsters where they could all just be themselves without fear.

I realized I’m a real adult now because I was so excited that my kids were watching a movie with a real message. In the beginning of the film, Draculaura is getting lessons from her dad on how to transform into a bat in mid-air. She stumbles a few times and mutters that it’s impossible to do. Her dad kneels beside her and reminds her, “It’s not impossible, just challenging.” My 31-year-old ears needed to hear that message too!

Later on in the movie, Draculaura meets up with her other girlfriends and they get to work transforming their old house into Monster High, a safe place for monsters of all kinds. All is well until Moanica D’kay, a zombie from the cemetery, is determined to ruin their plans — and the big school dance. The girls all join together to defeat her and I gotta say — the scene in the cemetery where they fight off the zomboys? That was perfection as they each used their individual powers to win (my favorite was Cleo de Nile!). My kids were so impressed.

I’m not usually the type to buy a full line of toys, but I don’t know how you watch the DVD and then don’t buy the dolls! The Dance the Fright Away collection pairs perfectly with the movie, allowing your kids to pick up and create their own stories right where the movie leaves off.

Monster High is cute, quirky and gives me room to open up conversations with my kids on how we can be kind and supportive to our friends who are different from us. I always feel good when my kids play with toys that have a positive message.

With the new Monster High DVD and the new Dance the Fright Away toys, you will be the queen of Christmas for your kids— and you won’t have to worry about YouTube getting all the glory.


  1. I got behind Monster High at the very beginning! I have to admit it was the fabulous shoes on those dolls that first grabbed my attention and once my daughter explained to me what these girls were all about, I loved them even.more . My daughter has about 50 or so MH dolls and we have seen all but one MH movie. My favorites are Ghoulia, Operetta,and Honey Swamp (who has the DOPEST green hued afro).

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  25. A bunch of monsters who desire to be accepted for who they are are the subject of Monster High. Monsters in their world must remain hidden so that no one learns their secret, or else they risk harming humans.

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  28. My son and daughter have been playing with the dolls for a while, but I’ll admit that I didn’t fully grasp the concept until lately. I mistakenly believed that I was just purchasing them hip dolls with unusual names.

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