Three Ways Husbands Can Support Their Wife’s Transition To Natural Hair

When I was pregnant with my son seven years ago, I decided to stop getting relaxers and start rocking my natural hair texture. I had no idea what my natural hair texture was, but I remembered that the last time I wore my hair as it grew out of my scalp,  I was teased relentlessly by my eighth grade classmates and begged my mom to let me get a perm.

But now I was concerned about the health implications of slathering that creamy crack on my scalp every six weeks. So I stopped. I don’t know if I told my husband what I was doing, but one day he came home to a wife in the bathroom with a two inch Afro and relaxed hair all on the bathroom floor.

To his credit, he didn’t freak out at how different I looked. If I remember correctly, he just reached out and patted my hair and told me it looked nice. That was the correct response. LOL. For many women I know, having your partner’s support makes a huge difference in the decision to go natural.

So I asked my husband to jump in and give some words of encouragement to the men who love a woman who’s newly natural. I’ll let him take it from here:

Support: Going natural is a process that is not going to be easy for many women. Having your support will go a long in helping them deal with the process. Support is very individualized, and as her husband you will know the type of
support she needs through this process. Let her know you like her curls, as she might be stressed about how to style and manage her hair.

Embrace: It’s not enough to support your wife but you have to embrace this process alongside with her. No wife wants to feel like she is on an island with a major decision and does not have her husband there by her side to walk along with her. There may be days where she may feel that she made a mistake or gets discouraged but you will be able to reassure her that she is beautiful.

Adaptation: If you were used to your wife having relaxed hair, or even braids then there is going to be an adaptation period for you. The texture of your wife’s hair may change. Your wife’s hair is going to look and feel different. She may not want your fingers in her hair. The bathroom might get cluttered with products as she tries out different conditioners and cleansers. No matter how your wife’s hair may change, your reaction to the adaptation during this process will be critical to the relationship you have with you wife.

With the process of going natural, remember just like our wives, going natural comes in all shapes and sizes. Some women will be like my wife and wear her hair out in big beautiful curls. Other women may choose to have their hair cut short. No matter what your wife decides, by following the steps above you will able to help show your wife that you love and support her and that she is beautiful both inside and outside.

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  23. Supporting a spouse’s transition to natural hair is a wonderful way to show love and encouragement. Take some time to educate yourself about natural hair care. Understand the different hair types, textures, and common challenges women face during their natural hair journey.

  24. Supporting a wife’s transition to natural hair can be a wonderful way to show love and encouragement. Offer words of encouragement and compliment her on her natural hair journey. Let her know how beautiful and unique her natural hair is. Celebrate her confidence and individuality.

  25. The most important thing is to be attentive, empathetic, and supportive throughout the process. Your encouragement can make a significant difference in her confidence and happiness during this transition.

  26. Supporting a partner’s decision to transition to natural hair is a wonderful way to show love and encouragement. Remind her that she’s making a beautiful and empowering decision. Compliment her natural beauty and express your excitement to see her embrace her natural hair texture.

  27. Supporting a wife’s transition to natural hair is a wonderful way to show love and encouragement. Compliment your wife on her natural hair journey. Recognize and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of her natural texture. Encourage her efforts and progress.

  28. Transitioning to natural hair can be a rewarding journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. Embracing your natural texture is a beautiful way to celebrate your uniqueness. It’s not just about hair; it’s about embracing authenticity and self-love.

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  31. Transitioning to natural hair can be a rewarding journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. Embracing your natural texture is a beautiful way to celebrate your uniqueness.

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