Learning To Fall In Love With My Selfie

A friend of mine recently told me I had lips like Kerry Washington, which I immediately dismissed as insane because hello, Kerry Washington’s lips are full and beautiful and everything I’ve ever hoped for when applying lipstick.

But I realized that somewhere along the way, avoiding mirrors became a hidden skill of mine. I so rarely spend time looking at myself that it’s not uncommon for someone to tap me on the shoulder at 5 p.m. and point out a sticker that my kids stuck to my forehead before school. (This is a real life story.)

When I get up in the morning, my focus tends to be on my kids, their breakfast, backpacks being packed, and making it to their school on time. I don’t think about my clothes or what statement I’m trying to make. I just get up, throw on some decent, clean clothes and go about my day.

Whenever a photo needs to be taken, I’m more likely the one to offer to take the photo, rather than stick my arm out for a group selfie.

When I look at photos I have of my twenties, I’m only in a few. As I stare down the last few months of my 20s, I’ve decided that must change.


Uploaded this to Instagram last night *deep breath* Baby steps!

Recently I’ve given myself a challenge to be in at least 33% of the photos I upload to Instagram. For most people, it’s not so much a challenge as it is “how you’re supposed to use Instagram.”

But forcing myself to be IN the picture accomplishes two things. One, I have to give a damn about how I look. Putting a little more effort into my daily appearance can’t be a bad thing. And two, I have some record that I was here and here’s what I looked like and this is what I did. I want my kids to be able to look at my photos and see a woman who is at the beginning of finding herself, of understanding her purpose in life, of trusting herself and her gifts, of learning to love and be loved in return. I want that photo proof.

So if you see me on Instagram and it’s been a week or more since I’ve uploaded a selfie, give me a nudge and say, “You said you would.”

Counting on you to hold me to it!



  1. Cute!

  2. I have definitely gotten better at taking more pictures of myself and with me in them. The self-timer has become my friend. It’s important that when my kids look back on family pictures that they actually see our family and not just pics of themselves because mommy was always behind the lens and not in front of it. I want them to be able to see me enjoying the special and everyday moments I capture.

  3. You are gorgeous girlfriend! And yes I can totally relate to what you are saying. I very rarely take pictures and when I do I scrutinize them. Good for you for celebrating your beauty!

  4. Very cute :)

  5. Step on out there, gorgeous! I’ve been noticing that the only pictures I have are of my kids. I’m working on this too.