If You Know “Me-Time” Is Important, Then Why Don’t You Do It?


I’m definitely one of those people who is constantly on the go — always doing this and that, going here and there, crossing one more thing off of what seems like a never ending list of things to do. And because of this, I never listen/pay attention to the signs that my body gives me when it’s apparent that I need to slow down until its too late. Then my body goes into rebellion mode and forces me to get somewhere and sit down by basically throwing up the ‘Gone Fishin’ sign and going on hiatus for a week.

I always find myself in this place every couple of months or so because I neglect myself a lot.

I don’t show myself anywhere near the level of love that I should and that’s primarily because I’m too busy getting it done for other people and have no time left to deal with what may be going on with me physically, emotionally or otherwise. I know I’m not the only one who does this and it’s time that we (as in me, you… all of us) took some time out to pamper ourselves and show ourselves some love. And in the words of the funniest toddler ever, go ahead and “worry ’bout yo’self!” It’s okay and it’s necessary. But if you’re anything like me, you likely have no idea what that even looks like to take time out to love on yourself. So here are a few things to get you started:

1. Take a chill pill

First things first. No one expects you to be it all, do it all and have it all together at all times so it’s okay to take a few minutes or even an entire day to do somethings that feel good to you. I’m preaching to the choir on this one but understanding that it’s okay not to be “on” at all times will help in really carrying all the love you’ll be planning to shower on yourself.

2. Take a bath

Go to your bathroom, run the hottest water you can stand, light some candles, tune into your favorite relaxing Pandora station and let Calgon take you away. I know it might seem cheesy but taking a bath is one of the most relaxing things you can do for yourself. Not only does it require that you be still and quiet, but it gives you a little space from everything and everyone else to just unwind. Not to mention that the warm water will loosen your muscles and you’ll get out feeling both invigorated and refreshed.

3. Get cute(r)

Do something that makes you feel beautiful — whether that be getting a manicure, pedicure, massage, facial or as is the case for me, going to the salon for a new cut and color. Whatever it is that you enjoy, take some time to get it done and enjoy the brief moments you’ll have by letting other people take care of you for a little while.


Nothing tells your body that you love it more than laying it down and allowing it to rest. Especially if you don’t sleep well or get a lot of sleep to begin with, when you carve out extra time to love on yourself, make some time to go snuggle under the covers of your bed and sleep. Not only will you wake up rested but you’ll be in a better mood too.

5. Be alone

As great as it would be to be pampered, take a long bath and get some extra sleep, sometimes it’s just not feasible. But taking a moment to yourself each day is. Whether it be by sitting outside on the porch for a few minutes, going on a walk or sitting in a comfy spot in your home during naptime to read a book, finding time to be alone can sometimes be the best thing you can do for yourself and give you a minute to regain your sanity. It doesn’t matter what it is that you choose to do to love on yourself, just make sure that you do it — and do it for no other reason that because you’re worth it.

What are your favorite ways to relax? How do you make time for yourself?


  1. I’m all about the alone time. I know that I need to be alone and isolated to feel myself. I just recharge that way :-)

  2. I love taking care of me by reading a good book or listening to my fave old school(I m talking 1960s-1980s)