Tia & Tamera Cancel Their Reality Show – But Do You Blame Them?

tia and tamara


If you were anything like me, then an integral part of your formidable years included watching the hit show ‘Sister, Sister’ starring identical twins Tia & Tamera Mowry. The show revolved around a set of identical twins who were separated at birth. They run into each other in a store and beg their parents (one lived with her single parent mom, the other with her single parent dad) to let them live together. So everyone moves in together and thus starts the shenanigans of blended households, teen woes and the like.

The show carried on with them going to college and everything, which was great and really planted Tia and Tamera as a household name. And even though the premise of the show seemed a little far fetched for reality, those girls had me hooked just based on their personalities alone. They seemed so cool, so down to earth. Like, we could be play cousins.

So when the show went off the air in 1999 when they were 21 years old, I was not happy. I kicked several trashcans in frustration. But several years later we found ourselves with the Mowry twins, now 33 years old, in our homes once again after they decided to launch into the world of reality television through their show, Tia & Tamera. I was thrilled at the idea of really getting to see what their lives were like behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood but, I can’t lie. I was a little apprehensive at the idea of them doing a reality show. They are so wholesome and the last thing I wanted to do was witness them involve themselves in some reality show craziness. But, the show was everything it should’ve been and more.

The series gave us a really honest look at Tia’s journey through pregnancy and motherhood, how she balances being a working woman and a mom and endeavoring to look fly while she did it. We got to witness Tamera marry her long-time love Adam and how she navigated a pregnancy that was so vastly different from her sister’s, all while trying to find her voice and true self. We were literally a fly on the wall as they lived their lives as honestly as they could while showing us their imperfections, their fears and infectious smiles. So to hear Tamera announce via Twitter the other day that the show would not return for a 4th season, again I found myself wanting to cry out “WHHHYYYYYYYY LAAWWDDD!!!!”

After I picked myself up off the floor I realized that Tia and Tamera, through their series, left some invaluable take-aways about motherhood and family. I really appreciated that we were able to see them both deal with losing post baby weight. In the day and age of women in Hollywood who give birth and 2 weeks later are back in bikini’s, this was definitely refreshing. They showed us that no matter how folks thought they should look, they were only willing to be themselves — stretch marks, imperfections and all.

They showed us that moms are fun, cute, cool and sexy. They’ve empowered us to chase our dreams — whatever they may be. They’ve encouraged us to be ourselves and not apologize for sometimes being uncomfortable in our skin. They’ve showed us that being a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur and businesswoman isn’t easy but doable. They’ve showed us that you don’t have to compromise what you believe in to make it. We saw that although all women don’t mother the same way, that at the end of the day we’re all still mothers and every single one of us want nothing more than the best for our children. We saw that sometimes the choices we feel are best for our families and for ourselves won’t always be the easiest ones to make or verbalize, but the growth and maturity needed to make those decisions is necessary. We’ve witnessed that love is power and transcends race, color, and any other barrier that might present itself against it. We’ve seen that being a sexy beast is okay. They showed us that we all need each other and our families, our friends and the people we might meet along the way all play an integral part in who we are and will ultimately help us get where we want to be.

I’m definitely sad to see the series go, but I think that Tia & Tamera did what they set out to do — they showed us who they were while allowing us to think on and appreciate the lessons they learned while they lived the best lives that they possibly could. And while Beyonce is teaching us a blueprint for modern womanhood, Tia & Tamera have definitely taught us a blueprint for modern motherhood. And for that, we thank you.

Did you watch the series, Tia & Tamera? Are you sad to see it go? What did you love about it the most?


  1. Krystal Grant says:

    I was absolutely HOOKED on their reality show. I heart those girls so much. I, like you, was a little apprehensive about them jumping into reality TV because I didn’t want it to be a train wreck. I think ending the show on a high note was a bold yet smart move.

  2. I liked the show as well, but I am glad they’ve ended it. This way, they can go back to revealing only what they want about their personal lives.

  3. I wasn’t able to watch the show all the time, but I caught glimpses of it here and there. From what I did see, I really liked what they were about. They seemed so real to me, and not this “stuff” that’s on reality tv now.

  4. I saw this coming since Esquire bought out Style Network. E! only offered to pick up 3 shows from Style Network according to my understanding. Plus, with The Talk coming back this Fall and Instant Mom doing well not to mention their new baby product company, they are stretched then as it is. I do think we’ll see another show from them. Not right away but somewhere down the line.

  5. I was never able to watch the show because the channel wasn’t included in my line-up, but now that I’ve upgraded, I’m sad that I won’t be able to see any new seasons. I’m on the hunt to find the seasons and a weekend to myself so I can fall in love with these wonderful ladies all over again.