How To Fight The Urge To Have A Pinterest-Perfect Life

pinterest life

I’m happy to be parenting in the age of Google. I feel fortunate that my kids’ dentist office will text me reminders of their appointments. I love that I found a cool gluten-free app to help me manage my daughter’s wheat allergy.

On the whole, I think parenting today has got to be easier than it was 50 years ago.

But it is also much more complicated. MUCH MORE.

About 70% of my day is spent online. I’m a blogger and social media consultant so I spend an exorbitant time on Facebook, Twitter, other blogs, and Pinterest.

Oh, Pinterest.

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I love finding new recipes or stylish outfits that I might actually get to purchase one day when these kids aren’t draining my bank account.

But when I look at my Pinterest board, it doesn’t represent me. It represents “Pinterest-Me.”  Pinterest Me is incredibly creative, an amazing cook, an involved parent and an appreciative wife who is always, always kind to her husband. Not to say that I’m not a good parent or that I struggle in the kitchen. But damn, I can only keep two or three plates in the air at a time.

There’s this pressure that sneaks up and hits you on the back of the head and if you’re not careful, that pressure will find you acting like some robot version of yourself. “Must make fancy lunches and get supplies to make homemade Halloween costumes before I volunteer for three hours in my children’s classroom.” (Read that in your best robot voice.) I find myself making dinner at times and letting my food get cold because I’m trying to photograph it at the right angle and then select the best filter to make it look extra delicious so I can upload it to Instagram and let people know how good of a cook I am. I mean, really? I need to get my life together.

I admit I am part of the problem. I’m a blogger. I want you to pin the stuff you see here. The #1 reason I like Pinterest is because it drives traffic to my site and traffic to my site equals money in my pocket. So a lot of my posts are aspirational. How to cook something better. How to dress better. How to manage your life better. People like the promise of “better.”

I spend a lot of chasing “better.” It’s probably one of the biggest driving forces in my life. But I realize I miss out on a lot before I am never really focused on the “right now.” I’m always reaching for that next rung on the ladder, never taking the time to take in the view from my current step.

So “right now,” I am trying to do better. (Shoot, there it is again!) I will do more of “in the moment” living. I will put my phone away and just eat the damn food instead of spending time photographing it. I will worry less about what my life looks like and more on what it feels like. Who’s with me?



  1. My pinterest life is epic. I am inspiraional, I exercise, I cook glorious gluten free meals for Pookah. Ummmm…..
    I didn’t know your daughter had a wheat allergy?! I thought my son was the only one out there. LOL What app do you use??? I’m always looking for another app!

  2. I have to admit that Pinterest has been a life saver when looking for meal options because Moo and JJ both have a wheat allergies along with other food allergies. But there is a downside to in which we try to live up to a Pinterest standard. And that can cause us to miss out on special moments. So, I’m definitely committed to living in the moment more.

    I’ve disconnected from my phone for about a month and took a mini break from social media. You just have make chances and adjust so that you’re not taking for granted what’s most important at the end of the day.

  3. Pinterest is not the only culprit. I think all social media can cause this. We are seeing only the best pictures, statuses, videos etc. It is only human nature that we’d want to measure up and show the best we have to offer also. It is so easy to get caught up.