VIDEO: Young Mom Summit – From Teen Mom To M.D.


Welcome to my “new” video series, the Young Mom Summits. Think of these as mini conferences/events, where you can hear from some inspiring people who will give you encouragement on being your best self. I’m working to re-brand this series so people can truly walk away feeling like they’ve learned something and are a better person for talking the time to participate.

Episode THREE in the series features Dr. Melanie Watkins, a former teen mom turned psychiatrist. I “met” her via Twitter a few weeks ago (when she just happened to retweet one of my posts) and I have been a huge fan from the get-go. I read her book, Taking My Medicine: My Journey from a Teenage Mother to a Physician, in a matter of hours. The book had some moments where my mouth dropped open and I had to hurry to figure out what was next. I cheered for her and I felt her pain.

So I knew I had to talk with Dr. Watkins (she told me I could call her Melanie but um, I respect her grind for that degree too much!). And I knew I had to share it with you.

No more babbling from me – here’s episode three of the Young Mom Summit:


If you’re interested in purchasing her book, check it out here