My Life As A WAHM (According To 30 Rock Gifs)

I know I’m late, but I’ve really been spending way too much time reading gif blogs. I read #WhatShouldWeCallMe every day and I’m guaranteed a laugh every time. Here’s my sad attempt at recreating it, WAHM-style. “30 Rock” was one of my favorite shows and I’m still mourning the fact that it’s over. Seven seasons just don’t seem like enough.

When I spend one too many days indoors with the kids

lemon gif 1

When I do something cool for a client but there’s no one around to congratulate me

lemon gif 2

When I take the kids to the park and all the other moms have buddied up before they got there

lemon gif 4

When I take my kids to a birthday party that serves “healthy treats”

lemon gif 6

How I want to run out of my kids’ room at night when I finally get them in the bed

lemon gif 7



  1. Julita K.R. says:

    I high-five myself all de time!! And I run out of their room at night just like that and yell, “And I’m out!” There is no question that their mom is Crazy with a capital C.

  2. Brilliant! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don’t high five myself, I pat myself on the back lol

  4. Awesome post! I just discovered 30 Rock on Netflix and am loving it. I’m also a WAHM, so I can completely relate to each of these. Thanks for making me smile. :-)