Weekly Meal Plan: March 3-March 10



First of all, my apologies for missing the past few weeks with the meal plan. I’ve been struggling to get our house in order since my daughter’s recent allergy diagnoses (in short, she’s allergic to everything, in varying degrees). I’ve been cleaning out our cabinets and getting rid of the biggest offender (wheat). I’ve decided the whole family needs to go wheat-free in order to make it easier for her to adjust to this new lifestyle change.

Lawd, this is hard! I didn’t think I was much of a wheat eater but crossiants! Cinnamon rolls! Cake! Cupcakes!! How am I going to live??? LOL

I’ve experimented with the gluten-free baking and I’m not good at it yet. My muffins tasted like garbage, my cakes were flat and gritty…I’ve got a bit more research to do, I guess. I’ve been able to find wheat-free alternatives to all my daughter’s favorite foods except one—vanilla wafers. So I’m on a mission to make her some – I’ll report back how they turn out.

So there’s that update. Onto the menu:


Turkey and spinach meatloaves w/ mashed potatoes and corn


Italian style baked spaghetti squash (please Lord, let this be good)


Spinach and artichoke “pizza” (using cauliflower as the crust)


This is the day I defend my thesis (whooo!!!) so I will not be cooking. LOL. Whatever The Man decides to make is what’s for dinner.


Crawfish etouffee


Green beans, sausage and potato bake


Lasagna soup