Goal Diggin’: My Goals For March 2013


I didn’t post any goals for February because it was pretty much just a month of confusion. Trying to adjust to new clients, increased volunteering at my daughter’s school, family time, and my daughter’s recent food allergy flare-ups—I haven’t felt on top of my game enough to really put goals down on paper.

But I hope March will be different, so I’m posting them here for accountability’s sake:

  • Do my taxes (this one is a no-brainer)
  • FIX MY OFFICE. I would post a picture of what my office looks like, but it’s so gross. There’s books all over the floor, kids’ toys in one corner, crappy furniture holding up a clunky 10-year-old printer. Not the place where I can go and feel productive. In order to fix my office, I need a new desk and bookshelves. I need to quit procrastinating on this one.
  • Get started on spring cleaning.
  • Paint the living room and hang the photos that have been sitting in a drawer for the past four years.
  • Defend my thesis (March 7!!!) and wrap up graduate school.

I think that’s enough. Don’t know if I can handle much else!

Let me know what your goals are for the upcoming month – let’s help keep each other motivated!




  1. I so need to incorporate the office one into my March goals, but I think that might have to go into April.

    Mine are:
    -Catch up on blog posts that I’m behind on
    -Start spring cleaning by de-cluttering my house for 15 minutes every day
    -Start classes to get my personal training certification* (this gets an asterisk because it relies on me not talking myself out of it first)
    -Buy seeds to start my veggie garden
    -Pick paint colors for my room.

    • @Aja – Oooh, you’re going to be a personal trainer? That’s really cool. I think you should do it. ‘Cause my word is law. LOL

  2. I want to and every day I find new reasons why I shouldn’t pursue it, which make me feel like I probably should, which sounds crazy. So I’m going to listen to you and take your word as law!!

  3. I love all of your writing, thoughts and especially these goals because they feel so much more real than anything else that you read. I think what you’re doing is awesome and you inspire me all of the time! I had my own business from home while taking care of my two little ones, but it wasn’t paying the bills enough so I now have a 8-5 job that works, but I hope to someday get back to my own stuff!

  4. Courtney B. says:

    My goals? Hmmm…
    1. Bring a healthy baby boy in this world.
    2. Organize my and my husband’s closets.
    3. Get our 3-year-old to bed before 10 p.m on weeknights.
    I’m knocking out no. 2 this weekend!