Embarrassing Mommy Moments: Have Your Kids Ever Gotten Into Your “Goody” Drawer?


by Chanel Free

Children are so inquisitive. They seem to get into everything. One Saturday morning we (Jay, London, and I) were all laying in bed taking a nap. I
don’t know how much time had passed, but I woke up to Jay’s voice screaming out “London! What are you doing?” I look over and London looks like a deer
caught in headlights.

She was caught red handed standing on the side of the bed putting on my lip gloss. The gloss was smeared all over her lips. Top, bottom, and even on
her cheek. It looked like Jay scared her when he called her name while she was carefully and quietly applying the gloss; there was one long shiny
stroke of lip gloss going from her lip all the way to her cheek.

Apparently, she had climbed down off of the bed and gotten into my ‘private’ make up case. Yes, my ‘private’ case. That’s the case that I keep all of my adult make up items–my heated massage lotions and best of all my warming lip gloss that is used only for oral pleasure–DON’T JUDGE ME!

Yes! That is the same lip gloss that London was smearing all over her lips and face. LMAO! After the initial shock wore off, I couldn’t help but laugh. This child had seriously sat there and put on my champagne warming oral pleasure lip gloss. I am sure her lips were tingling for at least an hour afterwards.

Welp! I guess the private make up case will be placed in the highest place possible away from the prying little hands of my two year old daughter.
Lesson learned!

Chanel Free is a 32-year-old Brooklyn native, mom of two beautiful girls, professional school counselor, and secondary instructor at Seton Hall University. She is the go-to-girl for candid, real-talk, no holds barred advice on life, love, and all things bitchy. Writing has always been a hobby of hers but more recently she has begun sharing her adventures through her blog. Check her out!



  1. Kids will definitely get into things that they are suppose to. I think the worst things I’ve had my kids get into is nail polish and Moo got her hands on my sharp craft scissors once. For the most part, I keep anything that’s not kid friendly off their levels.

  2. hahaha OH NO. It happens.