{She Inspires} Jessica Rockowitz, Teen Mom, Med Student

Remember my series, “She Inspires”? In it, I featured young mothers who are bucking stereotypes and living incredibly fulfilling lives. I’m so excited to revive the series on the blog today with Jessica, one of the mothers featured in my “Teen Moms Go To Medical School” post. Let’s give her a round of applause!

teen mom jessica


Name: Jessica Rockowitz

Age: 25

Blog name/URL: jessicarocksss.tumblr.com

Kids (How many? How old are they?): One daughter, 8 years old, and JUST found out that we have #2 on the way, due October 2013!

Being a young mom is: highly entertaining. If I had a dollar for every interesting look I’ve received when I’ve informed others that I have an eight year old, and how many times I’ve heard them say I look too young to have her…let’s just say, I wouldn’t have to go to graduate school.

When someone says I inspire them, I say:  that their words are encouraging and inspire *me* to fulfill my dreams of helping young mothers everywhere.

I decided to go to medical school because: as cliched as it sounds, I enjoy helping others, and I want to make a difference in the lives of my patients.

Whenever I have a moment of free time I look forward to: blogging, reading, and finding a new and inspiring Netflix documentaries to watch.

On really tough days I: remind myself that whatever I’m facing can’t be more challenging than having a baby in high school – and that this, too, shall pass.

My kids make me feel like: the luckiest mother in the entire world.

If my kids can only remember one thing I taught them, I hope it’s: that they are capable of achieving their dreams, no matter how dire obstacles and circumstances may seem.

I feel like a great mom when: I sit down with my daughter and play for hours with her, even if it’s a game I don’t particularly enjoy.

The most surprising thing about motherhood is:  how instantly and fiercely the unconditional love and protection for your child is.

If I could have/invent one item to make motherhood easier it would be: an instant FREE nanny – just add milk!

My personal motto is: that everyone is capable of achieving success, and that anybody who tells you otherwise clearly doesn’t know you well enough.


  1. I cocur with the part about the unconditional love and protectiveness you feel about your children. Keep pushing forward!