Stop The Pearl-Clutching: Beyonce Can Be Sexy And A Mom Too

beyonce can i live

After Beyonce’s electrifying Super Bowl performance, I was in awe. This woman (about a year after giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy) commanded that stage like she had something to prove. I didn’t move. I didn’t blink. I just sat there and watched. (Mostly ’cause if I had gotten up to do some of those moves, I would have probably twisted an ankle or broke a hip or something.)

In short, I LOVED IT. LOVED IT, I say. My love of Beyonce is well-documented and what I most admire about her is her work ethic. She put a lot of hours into that 12-minute performance and I applaud her to taking her gigs seriously and not looking at what she does as just singing, but being an entertainer. She wants you out of your seat and your hips rocking and swaying and she wants you happy while she’s on that stage.

Most people in my circle thought she was great and did an amazing job during the halftime show. Other people were upset about her costume and dance moves. In a Today show Facebook post, someone wrote:

I think since she is a mother, she needs to knock that crap off. Time to be a parent and set an example, not be a whore.

Whoaaaaa. A whore? Really? I don’t really know how to respond to this so I’ll just show a picture:


It’s no secret that Beyonce idolizes Tina Turner – the hair, the outfits, the dance moves, those legs. Beyonce, God bless her, ain’t doing nothing new. She is an entertainer taking notes from one of the greatest. You think she walks around the mall in outfits like that? It’s a stage persona. It’s not “real.” She’s wearing a costume. We can’t all be Adele, sitting on stage with a floor length dress. And as much as I like Adele, I would not want to watch a halftime show featuring “Someone Like You.” No. A Super Bowl halftime show requires energy, dance, sweat—all of which Beyonce delivered. 

As far as the sexiness, Beyonce oozes it regardless of what she is or isn’t wearing. Her body is bananas. Besides that, she’s 31 years old. She’s a grown woman and I think she’s proven herself as an entertainer. I like the fact that she didn’t have a baby and came back with some new look and a sudden fondness for turtlenecks. You can be a mother AND be drop-dead sexy too. (I’m still working on it, ahem.) 

You know what I find most empowering? That Beyonce’s the boss. That she’s directing her own documentaries and being her own manager and making her own business decisions about what she will and won’t do. That when she’s on tour, she watches her own performance every night and sends notes to the crew in the morning. That she practices until her feet bleed. Those are boss moves.

So yes, Beyonce can be a role model for my daughter. Yes, indeed.


  1. PREACH! And people toss that word “whore” around too liberally. A whore is someone who has sex for money. Unless she gets on the 50 yard line, turns a trick, and accepts a C-note for the whole world to see, we really can’t call her a “whore,” now can we? Just because your mom turned in her mini skirt for ill-fitting jeans doesn’t mean B.I.’s mama has to!

  2. People just love to hate on others. They are just mad because they cant do what Beyonce can do. She s being a mother, she s a working mother. Doing something she loves to do.

  3. I’m not a Beyonce fan. I’ve never really been, so admittedly I didn’t watch her performance. I half-listened from my kitchen, so I can’t really comment on how awesome or unawesome her performance was. That being said, I don’t see anything wrong with her outfit. She has worn much less before and to me it’s “typical Bey style.” I’m not shocked or appalled. She’s an entertainer, sexy sells. And while I think she’s overrated at times, I can’t ignore that she’s managed to obtain what so many of us moms hope to: MILF status. Postbaby and you still have guys arguing that she’s one of the hottest women in the game. She is an example that you can be a mom and look good doing it. Kudos Beyonce!!

  4. Ms. Bey has gotten a lot of undeserved flak for her performance. I think she was great, gave a full on performance. It seems like every time she is seen in public, whether planned or not, someone, somewhere is disparaging her. I don’t think she has to now wear a burkha because she has a child, she should wear what she wants. That said, I did still think that the look was a little played out – how many bathing suit like outfits does she have? I did not think she was slutty or anything, but it would have been nice to see something different.

  5. Very well said! I saw her performance on YouTube and I was saying to myself, just a year ago she had a kid. I just had mine 3 months ago, I need to get my act STRAIGHT! She looks so good dancing on the stage. Nothing was holding her back. You’re right, some people would just like to hate on others, but you have to give her credit–she did what she needed to do on that stage and then some.

  6. People has said she need more clothes on. Hello! It is Beyonce. She always dressing like this in her performances. She is Sasha Fierce. I give her the upmost respect for doing her thing. I couldn’t even make it pass 30 sec.

  7. Great blog. I have no idea why people mix up the celebrity with the personal at all… it’s pretty ridiculous actually.

    • @Aisha – I don’t know why people confuse the two at all. Trust me, if I was a super famous singer, I would NOT be wearing leggings and T-shirts on stage like I do in real life. LOL

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