What To Expect The First Time You Have Sex After Having A Baby

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A couple of readers have emailed me over the past week, asking me what it feels like the first time you have sex after squeezing out a kid. I posted the question in our Facebook community and I was howling laughing from how honest everyone was. Here were some of the best responses:

My best advice would be to relax, relax, relax!!! It may be uncomfortable. It won’t help if you’re already tense down there. Oh and lube it up! I mean Grease Monkey greasy! Lol


It really is the same!!! Take it slow to see how it feels but trust me, your man is ready to go!


Your body doesn’t produce slip and slide like it did pre-birth. That was a REAL eye opener for me.


Have a little wine [if you are not breastfeeding], talk about your concerns prior to with your mate, and make sure that you BOTH take it slow…. It can be painful at first, but it’s kinda like “riding a bike”, you’ll get the hang of it again pretty quickly.


Do it when you’re ready. If he’s pressuring you the flood gates won’t open lol.

As for me, I had two C-sections and I was so confident that things would be the same. After all, my vagina got bypassed in all the rush to get me to the operating room for my emergency C-section so what would be different? Let me tell you C-section moms, don’t be like me! Anticipate some, um, delays and take your time. Go slow.

What would YOU tell someone who is nervous about getting back in the saddle?


  1. This is so true. The only thing I can say is do it when you ready. Ignore the pressure, and listen to your body.