Activities To Do With Your Kids For Martin Luther King Jr Day

Martin Luther King

Today is an incredible day. It’s Martin Luther King Jr Day and it’s the Second Inauguration of President Barack Obama. So wonderful.

I’m thinking about his election in 2008 and what it meant to me, particularly what it meant to me as a young mother of a little black girl and a little black boy. We have a long way to go as a country, but this is a start. It is a really good start.

Whenever my kids see President Obama, they stop and stare for a bit and then they go about their business. For them, having a black president is normal, this is not history-making, it just IS.

And that gives me hope. I’m not trying to get into a policy debate today but I am very proud of our President and the job he has done thus far. No matter your politics I would hope you agree that he is a decent man, a good husband and a caring father. That is an excellent example for the rest of us to follow.

I’ve been trying to come up with a few crafts/activities to help my kids understand why they have the day off from school and what the day is supposed to represent.

I spent some time on (one of my favorite websites ever) and found they rounded up a slew of Martin Luther King Jr. activities. Check it out and let me know which ones you enjoy!

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Martin Luther King Coloring Page for preschoolers

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