“Back To Me” Self-Care Challenge – Day 6: Name Four People To Your Board Of Directors

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If there’s one thing that makes me feel better about myself, it’s taking the time to hang out with friends. So often, we get busy with family obligations, with work, with school, that we tend to put our relationships with friends on the back burner. I know I have been guilty of this from time to time, however unintentional it may have been.

But in 2013, it’s time to solidify some friendships. That’s why I chose this challenge for Day 6:

Name 4 people to your personal “board of directors”

Now, I’m not saying you grab four of your friends for monthly meetings about the progress of your life, but I am suggesting that you surround yourself with people you don’t mind taking advice from.

  1. Someone who is good with finances. He or she is always telling you how they negotiated their way to a higher salary, or they stay finding ridiculous sales at the store. Pay attention to how they handle their money and take notes if you can.
  2. Someone who’s happy in their relationship. Your chronically single friend might not be the best person to take relationship advice from but your friend who’s quietly consistent in their love for their partner? You might want to take a minute to get their input on what they do to keep their relationship alive.
  3. Someone who is just fun to be around. Life is too short to be serious all the time. You’ve got to have that one friend that brings the goofy out of you.
  4. Someone who is your biggest cheerleader. True, a lot of people in your life might not be happy for you all the time, but if you don’t have someone in your life who is sincerely thrilled when you get good news, find new people for your inner circle IMMEDIATELY.

Do you have four people in mind? Let me know how you’re doing with today’s challenge!

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Written by Tara

Tara Pringle Jefferson is the founder and editor of TheYoungMommyLife.com.


  1. Finances – Me
    Relationship – Ericka (aunt)
    Fun – Michelle (mom)
    Cheerleader – Jeri (sister)

    That’s easy …… I keep a VERY small circle of friends/family just for my own sanity

    • You can’t be on your own board of directors! LOL. I mean, you can but… ;)

      • I don’t think I trust anyone with my money …. I don’t even like banks!!! If I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY had to trust someone with my finances of life then I would have to turn the job over to my grandfather or his brother (my great uncle) …. :-/

  2. It’s so funny, as soon as I read the headline I had my four people and after reading the “qualifications” for the board the names are the same.

  3. I did this and posted about it on my facebook. It’s nice to give the important friends in my life a shout-out every once in a while, and they appreciated it.

  4. Is it ok that one person holds two spots? I’m lucky to have a great sister who is both my financial advisor and biggest cheerleader. She is very successful in her career, pays her bills, knows how and when to splurge on herself, and is always there for ME!

    I have girlfriend who honestly should receive the “Girlfriend of the Year” award. She is just a cool, chilled-out, adventurous Mama.

    And the one I just like to have so much fun with? My hubs. He and I always have had so much fun and find fun everywhere!

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