“Back To Me” Self-Care Challenge: Day #3

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So far I’ve done a good job keeping up with the challenges. I cleaned out my closet and dresser of all the clothes that made me feel fat or look fat or just plain ol’ frumpy. So that’s good. I made my “worry list” and have a little less stress upon waking up this morning.

Which brings us to day #3.

Day #3: Bust a sweat

I don’t know about you but I’m constantly complaining of having no energy. I’m dragging from the moment I wake up until about 2 p.m. or so when my brain suddenly starts going into overdrive about all the stuff I have to do in the 45 minutes before my kids get out of school.

So I’m pledging to move more. Our new family “tradition” is to throw on a couple of songs after dinner and have a dance off. No trying to be cool or even be on rhythm. Just move your body and see how crazy you can get. Which is awesome for me since I have no rhythm. I fit right in.

Not only that but I’m back to my daily 1-mile walk. It’s just one time around the block, but there’s hills so I feel like I’ve walked further than I have. Even walking at a slow-ish pace, it still only takes me 15 minutes.

So that’s your challenge – find someway you can move your body to try to get more energy. A few suggestions:

  • Choreograph a dance to one of your favorite songs.
  • Set an alarm to go off every hour and get up and move!
  • Head to the library and get a new exercise DVD.
  • Take a walk after dinner (or before dinner).

What do you do to be active? Let me know how you’re doing with the self-care challenge so far!

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Written by Tara

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  1. Im currently doing community walks, Leslie Sansone at home walking DVDs, YouTube videos, OnDemand Exercise channel, using stairs in buildings instead of the elevators, etc. I also LOVE my XBox Kinect and the TONS of games I have which I can play with my little girl … :-)

  2. I am doing Jillian Michael’s #0 day Shred until Insanity gets here and then I will be dead. lol

  3. I definitely want to get in on this. The holidays really slowed me down and I cn feel myself gaining weight. I think I may try walking more cuz I loathe exercise

    • I’m with you…. Every day I say to myself, or my husband, or sister, or anyone whom I think may think I am a fatty right now: “I’m going to start Monday.”. And I have, many mondays have been the great kickoff, only to end by Thursday. It is a vicious cycle. The holidays didn’t help, and now I have a cold. Noooooo more excuses!

      For this challenge I need to resume my run/walk. I will walk at least one mile a day. My son and I love to have dance parties, so we will just have to throw them more often :). The bonus is he LOVES upbeat music, so we can really get our hearts pumping :). I also need to use my Wii fit more! And I will!!!

  4. We walked to the clinic!

  5. I ordered my Jeanette Jenkins DVD’s, I have plans to crack them open when they arrive.

  6. I’ll try to put this to good use imdyliateme.

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