{In The Kitchen} What We’re Eating: December 17-23

Twas the week before Christmas and not a single present was purchased.


Seeing as how I just turned in my final exam and the revisions on my thesis (which probably needs at least one more round of edits, ugh), Christmas has been the furthest thing from my mind. But since Christmas is literally just around the corner, I probably need to get on the ball with this, huh? To help me out, dinner will be nothing but quick meals. I love a recipe with a ton of ingredients when I have the time, but this week doesn’t look like one of them. Check out what we’re eating this week and browse older menus here.


Tacos! (We didn’t make the tacos from last week, so here they are in this week’s menu.)


Corn chowder


Double Crunch Orange Chicken (pictured above) and broccoli


Slow cooker Hawaiian meatballs and rice




Chili dogs! (So random to eat chili dogs in December, but I’ve been craving them so much lately!)


Pesto chicken and green beans

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