Singing The Grad School Blues

Will someone please come get me?

This is week three of classes and I’m thisclose to needing a break in a room with padded walls.

It’s not even the courseload (although I could honestly do without having a paper due every week…sigh). It’s the other students.

One of the courses I’m taking is an undergraduate course. It’s a senior level course, but with added work and requirements to make it suitable to count toward my degree.

I get to class a little early and all the conversations around me sound like this:

“OMG, we have to write a 4-page paper AND do a 15-minute presentation? Does she know I have better things to do?”

“So…I’m thinking about getting a new car….yeah, I know I already have a 2008 truck, but I want to upgrade, you know? My mommy said she’d pay for it.”

“It is SO hard to wake up before 11 a.m.”

Ugh – someone put me out of my misery!!! These kids (yes, kids) have no clue how hard life is going to get once they’re outside the cushy comfort of academia. Newsflash – this is the easy part! When you just have to worry about one person – YOU! Why are you complaining when your mom pays all your bills? When your biggest worry is whether you’ll make it home in time to catch Jersey Shore?

Try going to school when you have a kid (or two or three), a full-time job, a husband who doesn’t know what you look like without the glow of the computer screen on your face, and serious case of sleep deprivation. (By the way, I wrote this blog post during a class break – multitasking at its finest, ladies!)

I know I might have sounded just like them before I had kids, but motherhood has a way of knocking you on your ass that alters the way you think forever. And these childless chicks? Maaan, they’re driving me crazy!

Thanks for listening to me vent! Can anyone relate to me out there?


  1. I agree with you…there was so much that went through my mind while going to college with that child. What a mess, I was always doing some sort of thinking in my end. But later on, I learned to block them out because I stopped being productive but it seems like you’ve got a good hang of it with late night studying an all. I meant to ask…how do you do that text box thing in wordpress?….holla.

  2. YES! I completely understand where you’re coming from Tara! I nearly jumped out of my computer chair while reading this. I can relate completely. I pretty much stuck to myself and didn’t talk to anyone while I was in class. People just irritate me, you know? Or I would hang out with the older students, you know, the ones who have a family and understand and who don’t act so childish! I’m with you on this one, Tara.

    • @Katie – Thank you! I thought it was just me. I just get so irritated! I remember being in college and wishing it wasn’t so hard and praying for graduation to hurry. But man, the reality of being a grown-up set in and suddenly, just going to school wasn’t so bad. I missed college. :)

  3. I usually find childless {younger} chicks irritating too, usually because they’re spewing the same kind of lines. And I’ve even been around a few who went on and on about how CUTE babies were and how they wanted one RIGHT NOW {16 years old}. I nearly died.

    Babies are cute, yes. But…oh god, I can’t even get started. You KNOW where I’m going with this, right? lol.

    Anyway, I hear you FULL force.

    ALSO; apparently every time I comment on your blog there is a thousand comment boxes :S
    .-= jess; [the bottle chronicles]´s last blog ..Love in Black and White =-.

  4. YES!! I’m a grad student in English, so when I teach writing classes to undergrads and used to think I was a sympathetic person … until they started complaining about how much they have to do! Haha. The biggest irony to me, though, is when the male grad students whose wives stay at home with their kids start to complain about how much they have to do… I told one of them, “I do the work of you and your wife put together!!” Which, amazingly enough, is actually true!
    … But, the truth is, we all complain about whatever it is we have on our plates, and it always really feels that bad. I just remember how stressed I got about classes BEFORE I had my son … ! I would totally make fun of myself, now!

  5. @Amy – Oh, I remember complaining, too. I now realize that life only gets harder (more busy) as you get older. Add kids to the mix and – whoo!

  6. It’s not only the undergrads, it’s ALL the “childless chicks” as you called them. Most of the time I could deal with it, but catch me on a bad day and I’m like, “yea… your mom won’t help you with that vacation you wanted to take. Get over it… I got a kid and need to come up with next months preschool bill. How’s THAT for being a grown-up?” Grrr…

    Writing a post during a class break…. love your style!
    .-= Alicia @Mommy Delicious´s last blog ..Psyched Pumped Ready =-.

  7. The Sukkar Chef says:

    Know what I hate? When you have a group project and everyone wants to have 23 phone/library meetings in the middle of the day because THEY have little else to do!I miss those days too but DAMN! lol

    • @Chef – Yes!!!! I’m glad for my grad classes, I’m doing a lot of individual work so group meetings are less of a headache this semester.

  8. motherlovin3 says:

    I can relate. I am taking two graduate courses. I work and am raising three daughters. Yesterday I had my first class which is a mix of undergrads and graduate students. Those young ones were not paying attention. They were ready to leave before school started. I actually enjoyed class. It is my break away from home and work. I will admit though that sometimes I wish I had some of their engery and carefreeness.

  9. Ashleigh L.A. says:

    What the hell? I’m 21 and an undergraduate and some of these comments had me looking like o_O. Man…a presentation and FOUR page paper is easy. I wake up at like 6 AM and I wish I had a car to upgrade. Ugh…sad thing is, I know you’re not exaggerating. I know plenty of people like this. I can only imagine how it is to juggle a family and school!

  10. Oh yes life does get crazier after college. I went to graduate school right after undergrad and the “older kids” as I used to call them, would seem to boring to me. now i know why.. after getting married and having a kid.
    don’t worry, your kids will be all grown up while those annoying college kids are chasing after little ones :)

  11. Hahaha! I can sooo relate! It’s funny how annoying such side, college conversations become when we mature.

    That’s fabulous that you’re in grad school for English. Are you working towards your masters or your doctorate?