In good company: Dominique Rambert

One of the reasons I love Twitter is that I can meet cool moms like Dominique without much effort. Our paths just cross, and I find myself chuckling behind my keyboard because they are so funny and make me feel so much better about the latest issue I’m having with my kids.

Dominique is my buddy because, like me, she’s trying to make this writing and motherhood thing mix in a way that leaves her fulfilled. (I’m right here with you, fighting for it with all my might!) Kick back and get to know Dominique – she’s good people!

Name: Dominique Rambert
Blog name: Searching for Freelance Success
Kids: A son turning 2 years this month and another on the way in November.
Whenever I have a moment of free time I look forward to… the elusive full night of sleep I haven’t seen in about 2 years.  I also enjoy reading, journaling, and catching up with friends.  I vaguely remember the concept – those people outside family I used to spend so much time with before mommyhood happened.  Yes, I remember….though my phone records don’t always show it.

My kids make me feel like… a hero and a failure. Some days I am on top of the world and so proud of the mother I am, other days I’m beating myself up for not being patient enough or present enough.  I go from feeling like I can do anything (after all, if I can give birth then what can’t I do?) and then feeling like I can do nothing at all – those moments when I can barely get a meal cooked because I have the little one underfoot, or I have missed my third deadline because I’m exhausted from not getting a full night’s sleep.

If my kids can only remember one thing I taught them…I hope it’s to love God and seek Him above all else.  I figure if they can get that lesson everything else will fall into place.

I feel like a great mom when…I make my little one laugh.  It’s the best feeling in the world to watch my son laugh and see him happy.

The most surprising thing about motherhood is… how much it can change you.  Of course I am still the same person fundamentally, but it truly does change your outlook on life.  I had heard other moms say it, but until you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to fathom.  The whole world seems to be a different color after having children.  Dangers that weren’t there are everywhere all of a sudden. Friends’ habits (ie cursing or smoking) may not have been an issue before, but now it is.  Motherhood has a way of seeping into every area of your life – whether you like it or not.
If I could invent one thing to make my life easier it would be…a robot maid!  I don’t have to pay it or argue over tips and vacations – just hit the off button when it’s finished for the day.

My favorite way to unwind is… a trip to the spa. I go VERY infrequently because of how pricey it can be, but when I do go, it’s SO worth it.

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  1. Great interview, Tara! Hello Dominique. Nice to meet you. *Waves hands*

    I totally agree with what you said. Motherhood can make you feel like a hero…and a failure. And sometimes all in the same day.

    And yes, mommyhood has totally taken over ever aspect of my life. And it surprised me when I first noticed that about myself because, I guess I thought I would be able to seperate the life that I had before I had my son and the life after. But like you said, it has a way of seeping in every area of your life!