#SheInspires | Regina Coley, Founder of YoungBlackMamas.com

As the creator of YoungBlackMamas.com, Regina has made it her mission to share resources and information to make day-to-day life for young moms everywhere just a little easier. Is it any wonder she ended up as my inspirational mom of the week? Read on to learn a little more about Regina and stop by her website – tell her The Young Mommy sent you!
Name: Regina E. Coley
Age: 27
Kids: 3 children: ages 7, 4, and 5 months

Whenever I have a moment of free time I look forward to…

READING in the tub. Magazines, books, blogs…just reading!

My mommy superpower is….

Multitasking. It’s getting harder with three children but I do the best I can.

On really tough days I…

Pray and plan. I do what I can do in my own strength and the rest I let go and let God.

The thing that scares me the most about motherhood is….

I always wonder if I’m making the best use of my time. Am I giving myself enough time to be strong enough for my babies, and am I giving each child enough time to where they all feel special and important.

The thing that excites me the most about motherhood is….

Seeing the kids grow and change and develop over time. It’s amazing to see.

I know for sure I’m passionate about….

Mentoring the next generation. Mentoring is my little way to investing into the lives of others.

If my daughter can only remember one thing I teach her, I hope it’s…..

To do what you love. That’s where I’ve been most happiest in my life. That’s been having all these babies! That’s been founding a non-profit. That’s been writing. That’s been creating. I may not have made a dime, but I loved it so I did it. I hope they find their happy place and do what they love.

I feel like a great mom when….

I’m doing activities with the kids and they turn and say “I love you.” It’s their quick way of saying, “OMG, you’re the best mommy ever and whatever it is we are doing is so much fun!”

My personal motto is…..

Do what you love and love what you do!

One thing that would make motherhood easier is if….

There were 48 hours in the day :-) (just kidding)