I’m Taking Your Questions On Ask.Fm!


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So often, I get questions from readers about some of the issues that are plaguing them. Whether it’s about relationships, building your career, parenting dilemmas, or really, anything else, I’m always happy to add my insights and give you a fresh perspective.

This is why I’m on Ask.fm, one of the web’s leading Q&A websites, giving you a teeny bit of the knowledge I’ve gained as a full-time blogger, family life educator and mommy of two. I did a soft launch a few months ago but now am ready to go full force. Sometimes people want to ask questions but would like to be anonymous, so this gives you the space to do it!

Simply go on my profile here and ask away!

Here’s some of the questions I’ve weighed in on so far. Feel free to ask me anything here.

My child’s father uses materialistic things to appeal to the public eye that he does his job as a father, however the hard work that goes on behind the scenes (late nights, buying necessities, childcare, sacrifices, etc.) goes unnoticed for me. Why does something so petty seem unfair?

It seems unfair because it IS unfair. It is hard to see someone taking credit for being a good parent, when you are shouldering the brunt of the work and responsibility.

However, don’t let it harden you. Your child will understand what’s going on soon enough (if he/she doesn’t already). You just focus on being the best parent you can be. Keep doing what you’re doing.



I’m really skeptical about sending my child to daycare for the first time? What are some suggestions to get over separation anxiety? Less worrying? Most importantly how can I find the right childcare center?

I think everyone is nervous about their baby’s first time at daycare. I remember freaking out in the parking lot after I dropped my daughter off for the first time. And that evening, when I got back and she was happy and in one piece, it was the happiest I had ever been.

So I would say to make sure you are comfortable with the center. Know the staff and let them know you’re a little nervous about it. They deal with nervous parents all the time and they know how difficult it can be. Some daycares will let you do a gradual entry, where your child will stay a couple of hours at first to see how they adapt (and it gives you time to adapt as well!).

In terms of finding the right center, ask around to see what other parents had to say. Most states also have a rating system that lets you know how the center ranks with regard to educational policies and you can search inspection reports online (usually at the department of job and family services website).


How did you balance school and motherly duties in college? I am a junior in college with a sweet 10 month old baby girl. My family helps me out during the semester by keeping her and we rarely get to spend time together.

It’s not easy by any means!! So I commend you for pushing forward and making it work for you.

I’m not sure if you live on campus and your daughter lives with your family or if they just watch her while you have class, but either way, having that support system is great! One thing I’d like you to focus on is that while you might not be getting as much time as you like (because you are working to improve your future), your baby girl is getting lots of quality time with people who love and care for her. That’s always a good thing, right?

One thing that always helped me was bringing my daughter with me to campus (if your school allows it). I don’t mean bringing her to class (although I did that too), but to just walk around with her and be in that space where you know you are doing what’s best for her. Introduce her to a professor or two…don’t feel like you have to hide your two worlds. Being a student-parent is challenging, but take it one day at a time. Honestly, that’s all you can do.