Pregnant? Sign Up For Text4Baby!

pregnant belly

When I was pregnant, I had the worse case of pregnancy brain ever. You name it, I forgot it. Enter Text4Baby to help remind and inform pregnant moms and postpartum moms of all those little things that help a pregnancy go smoothly.

Now in its third year, text4Baby is a free interactive text service that sends up to three weekly text messages to pregnant women and new moms, to give them access to local resources and information on common questions they might have. So far, more than 500,000 women have signed up for the service. I’m happy to partner with them to spread the word about this amazing service!

What kind of info does it provide? Pretty much everything you can think of: immunization, nutrition, seasonal flu, prenatal care, emotional well being, drugs and alcohol, labor and delivery, smoking cessation, breastfeeding, mental health, birth defects prevention, oral health, car seat safety, exercise and fitness, developmental milestones, safe sleep, family violence, and more.

As a tech geek, I thought it was really cool to have this be a nationwide service, provided FREE of charge to anyone with a valid cell phone number. (For those of you who get charged for each individual text, this service is still free to you. Your cell phone provider should NOT be charging you for the texts.)

Any of my readers currently pregnant or with their newborn at home? Simply text BABY (or BEBE for Spanish) to 511411 and you’re enrolled in the weekly updates, which are timed to your due date or the date of birth. The program lasts for up to the first year of your child’s life, so if you’ve grown accustomed to the weekly doses of helpful information, it doesn’t leave you in a lurch once the child is born.

It’s not just convenient, but it’s helpful too!  In a recent study, researchers found that 74% of the total respondents who participated in the  evaluation reported text4baby messages informed them of medical warning signs they did not know. When it comes to your  health and that of your child’s, it’s up to you to become their first advocate and the first step is being informed!

If you’re pregnant, sign up for Text 4 Baby below!