{Friday Favorites} Do You Like Playing With Your Kids + Black History Month Books To Read


All day every day I’m reading some great posts online from bloggers I really admire. So I figured I’d share a few of my favorites of the week here: 

Chaunie from Tiny Blue Lines wonders if it’s weird that she doesn’t like to play with her kids: “I like to think I’m doing them well–instilling independence in them and fostering their imaginative growth. After all, I’m just boring old Mom, right? They can make believe way better than I can.”

Gloria from Teen Mom NYC answers the question that always bugs me whenever it’s asked: “Does helping teen parents promote teen pregnancy?”

Eileen from MommyTeaches shares her picks for Black History Month books to read with your kids.

Denene from MyBrownBaby schools us on the latest research to come out for black moms and breastfeeding rates. They’re rising! Yay!

Over at BeautyThroughImperfection, Paula takes us on an organized and decorated her little boy’s room. Cute! And I want those prints on the wall!