The Definitive Self-Care Quiz: 30 Questions To Determine Whether You Know How To Take Care Of You

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be talking about emotional wellness. The first thing we need to do is help you grade yourself. How do you know where you need to improve if you don’t know where you stand? I’ve devised this self-care quiz based on common factors of self-care, and offer it as a non-scientific exploration of how well you’re treating yourself. Dive in:

Definitive Self-Care Quiz

True or False:

1) If someone graded you on how well you take care of yourself, they’d give you a B- or above.

2) The last time you went out with your friends was less than three months ago.

3) You usually get more than 6 hours of sleep per night.

4) It is easy for you to eat 5 servings of vegetables every day without even thinking about it.

5) When you are stressed, you know it’s not healthy to bottle it inside.

6) Your kids know when you are “in a mood” and know to leave you alone.

7) You generally enjoy parenting most days.

8) Your fingernails are not jagged or peeling or otherwise unsightly.

9) You find you often have enough energy to make it to the end of the day without getting cranky.

10) The mattress you sleep on is less than 8 years old.

11) You’ve been to the doctor within the past year for a general checkup.

12) You’ve been to the dentist within the past year for a cleaning.

13) You’ve been to the gynecologist within the past three years.

14) Your wardrobe is full of clothes you actually like to wear and think you look cute in.

15) You’re happy about your love life.

16) You feel challenged by the situations in your life, but not defeated.

17) You regularly make time for friends and family.

18) You generally exercise 2-3 times per week.

19) When people compliment you (on your appearance, accomplishments, etc), you accept it graciously.

20) You go to bed around the same time every day and wake up around the same time every day.

21) You laugh at least once most days.

22) You get fresh air daily and enjoy getting out of the house.

23) You have hobbies that keep you feeling energized and happy.

24) When you feel upset about something, you generally feel okay with letting people know.

25) When you have a tough day, you have healthy ways to cope with your stress.

26) You have time in your day to just….breathe, whether it’s an hour or just 15 minutes.

27) You avoid negative people and situations as much as you can.

28) When you go too long without a break, you make sure to pencil in time to focus on yourself.

29) When it comes to needing space away from your children, you have someone you can call to babysit (either for free or you can afford their rates).

30) When you are stressed or anxious about something, you are able to think of one or two people you could turn to for support.

Tally ’em up! Here’s your scorecard:

Give yourself 1 point for every “True” answer.


Less than 10 points: Most likely, you are the woman that everyone leans on when they need help, or you are the one who keeps all the parts moving in your family. You’re busy and so focused on getting things done that you are not in tune with your own needs. Neglecting yourself, for any amount of time, is a quick road to burnout. Something has to change soon or you will crash. This is a wake up call. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Go directly to your bedroom and do not come out until you develop a plan to get to at least 15 points.

Between 10 to 20 points: You are most likely feeling “good” more days than not. You can handle your business, have a girls night out every now and then and generally feel happy with where you are in life. But there is always room for improvement. A happy woman can rule the world. A woman feeling so-so? Eh, not so much. Decide where you’d like to focus your energy over the next few weeks. Is it your wardrobe? Your career? Your relationships? Focus in on one area that could use a little more attention and develop your plan to help you get to the next level of happy.

20 points or more: Well, look at you, handling your business and taking care of yourself with some inspiring regularity. I’m impressed. There is not much to say here except keep up the good work. If you haven’t already, look at your schedule and pencil in some of those things you already do to feel good. Make sure your “me-time” is set in stone. And spread the love. Maybe you could invite a friend to the gym with you. If you know a woman who struggles to keep herself at the top of her priority list, be her inspiration. Nudge her along the path of self-love and see if you don’t witness her transformation.

Over the next few years (and rolling right in to 2015), we will be focusing on my favorite subject: YOU. More specifically, how to be happier. You deserve this, I know, and I want this year to be your best year yet. And I’m sure we can do it. Let’s walk this road together.





  1. Let’s do it!!

  2. Self care is so important and I definitely see areas where I can improve. Thanks for sharing #Blmgirls

  3. Great assessment. It’s the small things we shrug off and fail to realize add to our NOT taking great care of ourselves! I really appreciate this post as a reminder, Self LOVE must be a constant priority. #BLMgirls

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