#RaisingBrilliance: Seven Early Morning Pep Talks For Your Kids

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Each morning before I drop my kids off at school, I try to give them a pep talk. My goal is to have the last thing they hear from me be something positive and uplifting. I used to just tell them, “Mommy loves you. Have a great day!” But they started to tune that out after a while, running into the building before I was even finished! So now I switch it up! Here’s some of my favorite pep talks to give them, depending on what they have going on that day. (Yes, I’ve actually said these to my kids. I wouldn’t lie to you.)

Share your favorite in the comments:

On trying their best:

“All I want from you, and all I have ever wanted, is for you to try your best. Because if you try your best, you can’t lose.”

On making themselves proud:

“I know you think about what your dad and I expect from you, but it’s really about what you expect from yourself. Work up to your own goals and expectations. Go make yourself proud.”

On trying new things:

“No one is born knowing how to do everything. Everyone was once a beginner. The only way to discover what you’re good at is to try new things.”

On facing their fears:

“Fear is a natural part of life. I get scared all the time. Your classmates do too. But you have to take a deep breath and do the thing you’re scared to do. Great things are on the other side of fear.”

On being secure in who they are:

“Celebrate who you are. There is no one else who is quite like you and that is a beautiful thing.”

On knowing how much they are loved:

“I love you to the end of the universe, you know that?”

On knowing the importance of a good work ethic:

“Talent is important. And you have it. You’re both naturally smart. But it will only get you halfway to where you want to go. You must put in the work in order to reach your full potential.”

 Do you give your children pep talks in the morning? What do you usually tell them?