7 Reasons I’m The Cheapest Mom On The Planet

My sisters tease me and call me a Republican. My daughter tells me that I am just like Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob (you know, the cheapskate boss). I have been known to be a bit…frugal, yes. How cheap am I? Let me count the ways…

1. I’ve been known to stretch a meal for a week. Have I eaten lasagna for breakfast, lunch and dinner for four days straight? Why yes.

denzel washington gif


2. How I feel when I get out of the grocery store for under $60

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3. My wardrobe is 80% items from the Target clearance rack

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4. When I make it more than two weeks on one tank of gas:

kanye gif

5. How I feel when I buy my kids toys’ that they stop playing with three days later:

throwing money out the window gif


6. How I feel when I find an online coupon for free shipping

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7. When my friends complain that saving money is too difficult:

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  1. 1, 2, 3 and 5 made me HOLLER!!!! YEEEES!!!!!!

  2. So you are ALL up in my head. In the last 3 weeks, I have made ginormous pans of lasagna and have eaten it for every meal! I am weak with laughter right now, LOL! Yesterday, we donated a huge bag of battery operated toys. Most were from family, the rest I bought from THRIFT STORES – ha!

    • Need sweaters, coats, boats? Thrift shop or EUC on Ebay! If I’m shopping online for anything, I refuse to order if there isn’t a coupon code or free shipping. If I have to pay for shipping, I throw in some extras (clearance items) to make it worth it.

  3. Oh I’m the same way. Clearance everything, coupon code everything, online rebates everything… Full price is a 4 letter word in this house. I’m frugal, but not to a fault.

  4. I am so on the Cheapest Mom in the world bandwagon! I can relate to all of these.

  5. This is so me! Love the post! Hilarious!

  6. hilarious! girl I am pregnant with number 2 and I am the thrift stores queen! I have spent less than 400 bucks and I have almost everything a need, yep! thats how bad it is! lol… even my hubby tease me.

  7. I loving saving money. This economy will never be the same and I don’t have time to be spending money I don’t have spare. I’m all for couponing, hunting down free shipping deals and stretching meals.