Help End Breast Cancer: Sign Up For The Avon Army Of Women!

Breast cancer research Avon Army of Women

One of the things I love most about my work is the opportunity to collaborate with big projects that can literally change the world.

My newest client is the University of Massachusetts’ Breast Milk Lab, as I help them recruit 2,000 African American women for the Avon Army of Women. This is a tremendous opportunity to use social media for social good and I’m thrilled they chose me as their partner to help spearhead this effort!

So let’s talk specifics.

What IS the Avon Army of Women and why should you sign up? 

The Avon Army of Women is a group of 1 million women willing to work with scientists to work on preventing breast cancer. By signing up for the Army of Women, you’ll be in the pool of women who receives emails with the latest breast cancer studies and how you can get involved. Signing up for the Army of Women does NOT automatically mean you are signed up for a breast cancer study. It simply means you would be interested in hearing more.

Why do you need 2,000 African American women to sign up?

One of the biggest problems in breast cancer research  is in creating a diverse group of women. Research on breast cancer needs to involve women of all backgrounds in order for us to know that the findings and any prevention and treatment strategies apply to all women. And since African American women have a different pattern of breast cancer than white women, it’s really important that they’re well represented in research.

What happens after you sign up for the Avon Army of Women? 

You will receive email updates from the Army of Women announcing new research studies looking for volunteers just like you. The email will detail the research project and who and what the researchers need. If you fit the criteria and you’d like to participate, all you need to do is click “Yes, Sign Me Up.” Research studies range from filling out a simple questionnaire to giving a saliva sample. The beauty is that YOU choose what studies you participate in, if any. You will never be pressured to partake in a study.

Do you have to have any personal or family history of breast cancer to sign up?

Nope. Scientists are looking for women with all types of health backgrounds. You don’t have to be a certain age to join the Army of Women either.

Avon Army of Women

How do I sign up? 

I signed up for the Army of Women and it was simple, taking less than 3 minutes to fill out the information (name, address, ethnicity, etc.) Head on over to this link ( NOTE: When signing up, please select “Breast Milk Study” for referral type – it’s how we know we’ve reached the appropriate number of women! 

If you’d love to help us spread the word, we’ve made it simple for you! Click here to send out a tweet to your followers!

I thank you in advance for helping me with this important work!


  1. Dear Tara:
    Thanks so much for encouraging your readers to sign up for the Army of Women! Dr. Susan Love designed the Army of Women to connect researchers with women who were willing to participate in research to find the cause of breast cancer. The success of this program has been amazing with more than 372,000 women signed up and 71 studies launched over the past four years. The participation of your readers will go a long way to helping us find the cause and prevent breast cancer!
    Leah Wilcox Eshraghi, MPH
    Army of Women Research Project Manager
    Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

  2. Tara. This is a great project. I suggest you share this in the Kent State Black Alumni Chapter group. I also suggest you reach out to other Black Alumni chapters at other universities as well as sororities.