My Menu Plan: January 7-13

Source: Return To Sunday Supper

Source: Return To Sunday Supper

In sitting here, trying to put together this menu plan for the week, the magnitude of everything just kind of hit me. I have to feed these kids every day. Not just some days but every day. One of my goals for 2013 is to cut back on how much we spend eating out (which we do around twice a month) but in order to do that, I actually need to cook more. And that makes me sad.

While I love cooking, I’m getting kind of burnt out. Having a meal plan for the week does help me save money and reduce stress, but some days I would give me left arm for a chef who bought the food, cooked it, put it away and scrubbed the counters afterward. Is that too much to ask for? LOL

Since I’m stuck cooking for this upcoming week, here is what my family will be eating. Remember to share your meals in the comments!


Crunchy ranch chicken tenders w/ spinach salad


Spaghetti w/ turkey meatballs


Leftovers (partially because I can never measure spaghetti correctly and end up with enough to feed an army)


Chicken gyros


Spicy BBQ Shrimp w/ roasted lemon potatoes (pictured above!)


“Healthy” chicken enchiladas


Sausage and white bean soup

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  1. I hope you enjoy the gyros! They are one of my family’s favorites.

  2. I probably need to start planning out meals. I usually don’t decide what we’ll have for dinner until the day of. And eating out twice a month isn’t bad at all.

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