2013: The Year Of Abundance

Source: Half Wisdom Half Wit

Each year, I pick a word that will drive me for the next 364 days. In 2011, my word was “focus.” In 2012, I chose “purpose.” This year, “abundance” is the word I’m sticking with.

I chose abundance for several reasons. One, as a freelancer/self-employed person, it is very easy to get discouraged, sometimes on a weekly basis. Checks are late, deadlines are short and bills pile high. I wanted to remind myself that there is more than enough for me to take care of my family. The second reason is something I talked about in my post on your dreams getting away from you.

In it, I wrote:

Some days I feel bored with my life, with the monotony of motherhood. The kids always need something and it seems they always need it from me, not the other perfectly capable adult in the household (aka Daddy). I have a million and one goals for myself and when am I going to have time to pursue them if I’m constantly “on call”?

I realized quickly that motherhood will not be the primary focus of my days forever. There will come a day when I wake up and do what *I* would like do that day. I won’t have children to wake or children to put to sleep. I won’t have to factor in my kids’ taste preferences when I’m making dinner. I won’t have to clean up Legos off the floor.

I still have time for my dream.

I write this to say that YOU still have time for your dream. Hold on tight to it. Keep it at the forefront of your mind. Find little ways to get started. Keep pushing.

I often feel like others are getting ahead while I’m cleaning up food off the floor or driving my kids to their dance lessons or otherwise being occupied with being a mother. My childless friends are accomplishing a lot and while I feel pretty accomplished, I can’t help but feel like they can move faster because they’re not stopping to consider their children’s needs every other minute.

That’s what lead me to “abundance.” Because I truly believe there is enough out here in the world for everyone to be happy in their own dream. We could all be successful authors if we wanted to, or all be great chefs, or all be fantastic airline pilots. My point is, that we are not in competition with each other. We are following our own paths and what is for us IS FOR US. There is an abundance.

So I’ll be leaning on that word hard in 2013. I can do everything I set out to do and there’s no rush that someone else will get there first. I can be ME, authentically ME, and learn to embrace the journey instead of rushing for the destination.

What’s your word for 2013?


  1. My word for the year is “faith”. I’ve had very little of it admittedly, but I’m excited because I know God’s got my back, not only this year, but every year.

  2. I think that my word for this year is Transformation. There is going to be such a transformation for me this year that even I will have to sit in disbelief (and that’s a good thing) 2012 was amazing as far as stepping out on my own with my blog and my sewing business, now I just need for them to transform into actual businesses that I run instead of them running me. LOL!

  3. First if all, you’re pretty lucky to be a momma to two little beautiful cherubs, congratulations. So to answer your q, my word for the year would have to be gratitude. To paraphrase The Colour Purple, God must get awful mad when one passes a field of purple and doesn’t stop to gaze.