Do You Watch “Six Little McGhees” On OWN? These Sextuplets Look Like WORK!

I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 before it became popular and never missed a minute of the Gosselins and their crazy life as the parents of two sets of multiples. But as the seasons wore on, the show became harder and harder to watch with all the tension that filled their house. After they split, I quit watching because the hurt and pain I’d seen on the show seemed too private to continue being present for.

And as the “reality TV curse” sweeps through seemingly through every family with a reality show, I was worried when I heard about the McGhee sextuplets getting their own show on OWN this year. From Columbus, Ohio, they are a couple who seems like they’d be a great fit. They come from disadvantaged backgrounds, but are high school sweethearts; they work together, running their family’s carpet cleaning business; and just the sheer work it takes to keep all six kids happy, healthy and fed each day.

I’ve seen a few episodes and loved it! Get a peek below:

After seeing them in action, I think the McGhees might okay. Click here to read why I think they won’t suffer the same fate as Jon & Kate Plus 8


  1. I’m so crazy. I love a houseful of kids, however, six at one time, going through the same milestones seems to be too much for me to grasp the concept of. However, as a mother of multiples, I know that you do what you gotta do in order to get things done. Many blessings to the McGhees and their cute kids! I love it!

  2. The McGhees seem grounded and very much in love…but fame corrupts. Let’s pray they are not letting it get to their heads! (Hey, the Obamas are stronger then ever…and he’s the leader of the free world!)