Giving Back With Your Kids This Christmas + A Feel-Good Giveaway!

Last Christmas, I sat on the floor in a sea of torn wrapping paper. My kids were off playing with tag with each other and grabbing handfuls of snacks off the counter. I felt like we went through all the motions of “Christmas” but was it really worth it? Was a mountain of toys on Christmas morning necessary?

It was then that I decided that in 2012, Christmas would be different. This year, I will not blindly fill my cart with items for my kids, particularly since they are fortunate enough that they don’t want for much throughout the year. While they are still 6 and 4 and a little too young to comprehend “No presents for you because Mommy is trying to teach you a lesson about consumerism,” I want them to understand they have it pretty good and there are tons of people who could use our help all year long.

The company, Monkeez Makes A Difference to the rescue! It’s a program that combines stuffed animals with philanthropy and online games. The company donates a portion of the wholesale cost of each toy to one of three charities (they’ve already donated $45,000 since July!). The cool part is that kids get to pick which organization they’d like the money to go to.

Check out the cool video below on what new products they debuted this year:

I’m giving you a chance to win one of the stuffed animals! To enter, all you have to do is to visit the link and let me know which stuffed animal you’d like in a comment below! Winner will be announced Tuesday, December 18!

Psst: If you don’t win, know that they are having a promotion through December 30. Enter the code PEACE at checkout and receive 20% off your order. 


  1. Wow what cute stuff and what a great way to make a difference! I know my daughter would be in love with Kit the cat, but they are all so adorable.

  2. I love this site, these are adorable. It was hard to choose but I love “Hobart” the Green Zig-Zag Monkey. That Chevron pattern is adorable. I will share this with those in my network. I have a lot of friends who have children that love the sock monkeys.